Things are Looking Up!

by Lauren Simmons - Founder of PD Buzz



There is something

incredibly hopeful

about a fresh start.


Can you feel it? There is a buzz in the air…pun intended.   Covid restrictions are loosening up and we are starting to feel more comfortable leaving the house.  I wonder if this is how a bear feels after hibernating every year.  I never thought I would be so excited to eat in a restaurant or get back into a gym.   It looks like we just might be returning to normal.  It will be slow but at least it is happening.  The Parkinson's programs in the community are no exception.  Many programs are back in person, most with restrictions, and groups are getting together for walks and other events. As always, if you are looking for something going on in the Orange County Parkinson's world, check out

Thank you for joining me in the pursuit of wellness.

Lauren Simmons

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Topics presented during this five-day virtual program will include updates on: Basic Science, Clinical Science, Treatment Options, Comprehensive Care, and Living with Parkinson’s. The program will also include two 4-part wellness series as part of the week, looking at PT wellness and Speech/Voice wellness. Talks will be forward thinking and delivered by both well recognized and up and coming leaders in the Parkinson’s space.  Click to register.


We are people with Parkinson's helping people with Parkinson's


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