Laughs, giggles, snorts and smiles at the ready! This month is all about funny books.


Hey, it's so lovely to have you here ✨I hope you like What Book Now?'s new look! I'm currently sporting a wonky home-cut fringe and some seriously worn-out leggings, so it's been nice to create something a bit more put-together than I am. 


I LOVE a funny book. Do you? I actually have a rule that I'm only allowed to read David Sedaris books when I take a flight, because they're so laugh-out-loud funny that they semi-distract me from my horrifying fear of flying, and I'm afraid of wearing out their superpower! 


As far as I'm concerned, funny books are an essential part of a child's reading experience. Once kids learn they can turn to books for fun, relaxation and a lift to the spirits, that's a big step on the road towards them being a lifelong reader. 

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You might notice a couple of changes to this newsletter's format. To make it sustainable for me to send it out each month, for now there will usually be four books per issue – one per rough age group (0–12ish). And, by popular demand, one of those books will be for babies and toddlers! My own little toddler, Willa, and I can't wait to read and share lots of lovely books with you. 


If you'd like to see even more books in future (I'd love that too!), you can help me to dedicate more time to this newsletter by buying me a book on my new supporters' page. Join the What Book Now? monthly membership and you'll get some fun perks too!

I've also reopened my page, but I still don't want to take money away from booksellers so each month I'm using it to nominate an independent bookshop for you to shop through. I wasn't sure about Bookshop at first but I've listened to indie bookshop owners and seen first-hand how it's changing Amazon-as-default shopping habits, and I've come round. Progress over perfection!


I hope you enjoy this issue and the brilliantly funny books below. Do let me know your thoughts and, as always, happy reading! :)


3 finds just for you 
Put your feet up for a sec. It's time to think about yourself 
instead of the kids for once – as lovely as they are.

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starstruck  I absolutely devoured this rom-com series from the always-amazing Rose Matafeo. Think Notting Hill (the movie) with messy millennials. 

facetheory day cream  Vegan, cruelty-free and free of nasties but also packed with great active ingredients and proper SPF protection. And it's all whippy and melty like fancy butter.  

Moxie  A Gen-Zer discovers her mum's old riot grrrl stuff and creates a zine that starts a school revolution. Yes.



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 Speak soon and take care.

Alice x

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