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We accepted an offer on our house this week, and when we first decided to sell — I had mixed feelings on who I wanted to buy it. We put so much work and love into this home that it was hard to think of anyone ... dismantling (?) it. It was even harder to imagine someone with an Instagram platform moving in. 


But as the showings got closer, and as prospective buyers walked through the house, I felt myself starting to detach. Instead of worrying about the finishes or the future photos, I started dreaming up the next life this home would have. I hoped that there would be kids moving in, who would enjoy the playroom and the yard. I hoped that whoever moved in would love to cook as much as Chris does — and that that person would help the kitchen to find its full culinary potential! I thought of all of the inspiration that this home brought me, and started hoping that the new owners *DID* want to make big changes. I want them to make it their own, like we did. 


You know when you're SO happy in your relationship that you're actually really happy that your ex has found love, too? It's kind of like that :)



Are you someone who removes all family pictures to show your house? Aren't we supposed to remove personal items during staging?



To an extent! I think that the idea is to help future owners see themselves in your home. If the family photo is a focal point, take it down. I put a lot more stock into making sure all of the lights and lamps are turned on — even, ESPECIALLY the outside lights. When we were looking at homes in Raleigh, we loved driving by in the evening for that swoony curb appeal. Here are my Top 10 Home Staging Tips!

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