Hey Human,


So, Rubi pooped in the pool. 


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Ya, you read that right. Full on DOOODY action! 


Last week I had a stressful moment that turned into me binge shopping and buying a gigantic blow up pool for the kid. I mean, it took two pairs of lungs and an hour to blow it up. 


We sat there panting as we did our best impression of 50 shades of eggplant. 


The baby daddy (BD) and I were watching Rubi frolic and scream, sliding and rolling around in ankle deep water in our plastic breath. 


The sprinkler covering the slide with water and her little tushie poking up over it – it was fun to see her smile and have fun. This kid is a fish. 


Then, it happened. I turned to BD and he looked stunned and appalled. 


“What? It's just a fart. Prude.” 


“NAH Tamara, she just shit in the pool!” 


I cautiously approached ground zero like it might jump out at me (or any sudden splashes that might turn this drama into a Joe Dirt missile monologue) 


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No. Sudden. Moves – and, well, peeking in the pool, it was pure Mustardbutt madness.


If anyone here follows me on social (@tg-writer), you know the trials and tribulations of the #mustardbutt.


However, there is a lesson to be learned here.


Shit happens.  


That's right. In my woo woo world, everything has a lesson. 


Unfortunately, this lesson was mine as BD disappeared into the house never to return, While I was left with baby and a floating pile of poo.


What did I get from this?  Sometimes it takes someone shitting in your pool to make you realize it's time to clean it out. 


And anytime is a good time to get rid of all  those things that do not serve us. 


And that is exactly what I am here to do. (not do-do)


Shit does happen and more times than not, in your life, you are the only one that is left to clean up the mess.


Luckily, you are not alone. I am here to help.


I have answers for you! The kind that can change your life.


Not always what you want to hear but definitely what you need to hear to sterilize your life of all the shit you don't need, swimming around in your energy.


WE all have stuff going on we don't want to deal with– especially in these wild times –  but we don't need to work it out alone.


Get in touch with me and let's de-poo that beautiful energy of yours.


I offer donation based Soul Consultations.


In just one session, I can establish an action plan to relieve the stressors holding you back, right now.


I can read through the shit, scoop it out, and get that good energy to start flowing again.


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Seriously, the only thing you have to give up is a bit of your time. 


So, whenever you are ready to truly find out what you need (or don't need) to get some clarity, message me.


Let's get out of the poo-pool and into the POOL PARTY of life, I am here when you are ready.


Just reply to this email.


If you prefer to just get my WOO WOO NEWS newsletter every #WOOWOOWEDNESDAY, reply to this email, too, and I won't send you funny stories about my kids swimmy bowel movements to try entice you into getting soul readings. 


You will just get a weekly, awesome email with interviews, discounts and magical insights from magical people. 


And I love getting emails, so you can count on me getting back to you. Feel free to share this email with anyone you think may want to be entertained by all this WOO WOO madness. or they can sign up here TG-Writer.com


Your's Truly,

Tamara G.


PS. If you missed out on our first Intuitive Writing Workshop, that's ok, you just missed a whole lot of AWESOME. But I have another one coming up MAY 6th (that's next week) It's at 8 PM EST, So prepare to get real with yourself. You can REGISTER HERE


Also, Here is a photo Pre-Poo Rubi – living her best life. Just like you should be. 

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Don't let me forget my Jammy Jamz! YOU SEXAY THING! If you don't do but one thing with your life today, make it be watching this video!