Hey Human!


So glad to see you all again and welcome to #WOOWOOWEDNESDAY 

Just a reminder, Sunday is Mothers Day  (just in case).


I know it may also be a rough day for some who's moms have crossed over. 


But, Grief is just love with no where to go. 



So, give yourself permission to Love yourself extra hard today!  


I know, It is easier said than done  – not grieving. And I am not insensitive to the matter, which is why I mentioned it. I just want to reassure you that she is there, looking down smiling wondering where the hell her flowers, necklace and chocolates are. 


Make an altar; she'll love it


(Good thing about returning to the Universe, you get to eat chocolate without getting fat – don't be jealous)


I got you covered though for Sunday – for those who's mothers are here in life and spirit. 


Celebrating Hot Moms Everywhere


Last week I had the privileged do an interview with one on my favorite Mamas, Jocelyn Wolffe of Plantas for the People. Her shop oozes Garden Witch. All her tinctures and offerings are carefully grown and collected right there in her greenhouse and garden in Long Island, NY. 


She may be a witchy Bolivian/Mexican Goddess, but she is also a fashionista that fell right out of the 90's – Hightops and all. 


Just jump over to her personal Instagram @soulenticement and get some flavor in your life. (unless you are a white male, because we all know you cannot jump)




Anyway, I just can't get enough! Makes me want to get out my Wind Breakers (swoosh-swoosh). I definitely was not as cool as her in the 90's, but I did tuck my tights into my scrunchy socks. 


But enough about me, let's get to the good stuff. 



Jocelyn Wolffe is a trained full spectrum Doula, certified through Ancient Song in Brooklyn, NY and is a certified Herbalist through Gold Water Alchemy Educational Center in Florida. She is also a walking piece of art and makes some, too. 




TG: How did Plantas For The People start and What is the story behind the Name? 


JW: The name  Plantas For The People came from the idea that the spirit/essence of the plants can bring so much healing + transformation in one’s life and journey that I wanted to bring plants to the people. To parents, babies, community, elders. If the plants I  grew brought so much healing and love to my life, what could I bring to others through this? It’s my offering, and it’s what my spirit led me to. 


How does this work you do align with that self-care and compassion you so gracefully shared with us? 


Faith over fear. Integrity. That might look like turning off my phone, leaving messages unread, tending to my kid’s needs first so they can relax and I can do what I need to do. Not getting upset if I  don’t accomplish everything I need to do in one day. Gratitude for the things I did and can get done in that moment. Then I put that same energy back into my products and my plants so I can pass this energy on to the next person.


You are a Doula, can you talk about this a bit? 


Birth is a ceremony and is one of the most spiritual transitions in a person’s life, they should be able to birth the way they want to, or at least be supported. It is time to change the stories about how we give birth. But I don’t just support natural births, I’m a full spectrum doula. I support, home births, hospital births  (natural, or medicated), c-sections, abortions, miscarriages, OB/GYN visits.


What are some of your rituals or routines you do to make sure your products are at their highest vibrational form? 


Ritual is part of my whole Bolivian culture. We pray to the sun, the moon, the earth, the spirits of the mountains, our ancestors. Life is a ritual itself even down to the seeds we plant being offerings to Pachamama.


I let the plants and recipes come to me in dreams and let me know they are ready to be harvested or worked with. I always offer something to the plant when I  harvest any part. Intention and integrity come first when doing this work.


What's your favorite product that you like? Your sons?


I have my own personal relationship with each product, but I’m in love with Agua De Ruda. It’s a spiritual cologne that is added to spiritual baths, floor washes, altar offerings or can be used on the body. 


Where do you source your ingredients?


I grow all of the plants myself, either from clippings of other plants or seeds I’ve exchanged with a lot of people along this journey. I save each seed at the end of the season. This is an extremely intimate process because I start it all from seed, harvest it myself, store it, and then make medicine with it. Any alcohol I use is either imported from Haiti from my partner or Bolivia. Even the honey comes from the bees down the block from me.


If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?


I would tell her you are that bitch! Don’t let anyone discourage or tell you otherwise.  Don’t worry about being different, don’t worry about being judged, don’t fear depression,  don’t fear being alone. You’ll realize that this pain is bringing experience, it’s providing layers to your soul, strengthening your mind, sharpening your focus. It’ll push you to places and situations you wouldn’t even believe you’d have the confidence to face.  




I also want to give a shout out to my Momma! She's a little witchy, too.

A Certified Druid even. Apple doesn't fall far – as they say. 




My Jammy Jammz this week are sentimental. 

Tupac's mom, Afeni Shakur was a Black Panther.  She held a strong face for Civil Rights in the late 60's and was responsible for writing a newsletter that was credited as propaganda that led the FBI to believe the Party was fading. She, like many other Black Americans, was consumed by the oppressor (white supremacy). The PTSD from the events she had to face standing up for her people, and herself, may have led to some issues with drugs in the 80's, but she cleaned up and got her shit together. 

She was a Bad Ass and did the best she could with the hand she was dealt – Just like most mom's in this wild, weird, fucked up human world.  Not to mention, she was raised in Lumberton, NC, not far from my home.


And, Like Tupac, 

I want my mama to know that I can't pay you back, but  my plan is to show you I understand. 

You are appreciated.  

(Little TG-Writer Trivia. Tupac's first album was also the first CD I ever bought on B&G Music when you used to be able to get those penny discs. Some girl named Tamla H. Dabbard ordered them for me actually. )