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almost there…

Hey First name / love. How’ve you been? We are almost half way through this 2021 thing and personally, I feel like I may have missed some of it!

Thank goodness for memory keeping.


Since I last wrote you I’ve traveled over 3,007 miles, and still have 2,616 to go. Isn’t that nuts?


We wanted to say our “see you laters” to family before we get comfortable in Hawaii and it has been a wild and crazy ride that never seems to end. As I write this I am sitting in yet another hotel room, on what should have been our big travel day to Honolulu.


But that’s life sometimes. You go with the flow, and hopefully, you make incredible memories along the way. 


I have taken a few moments to myself to memory keep here and there, in hopes of not forgetting this 43-day whirlwind adventure. How have you been keeping your memories lately? I want to remember quirks from the pandemic, this pregnancy, and all of the touristy things we are doing as a family. It definitely is an extra step while on the road  to take pictures and keep notes, but I know how worthwhile this will be even a few weeks from now. 


Anyway that’s my update at the moment. I hope to have more news for you soon. In the meantime, feel free to distract me with your own! 😉


favorite scrapbookers you should check out


I hope you have been enjoying all of these resources and content creators. If nothing else my wish for you is inspiration and motivation towards the goals you have set for yourself in productivity and life, but also in your memory keeping.

One of my favorite quotes for times like these is “traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. Whether you are on the move this season or not, I hope you share your stories. They are priceless.


Wishing you peace and safe passage, 



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