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welp, we made it to hawaii…

But instead of boring you with moving talk, I thought I would pull back the curtain a bit and share with you.

It’s been almost exactly one year since the Love Becomes Her shop opened up online and I have learned so much. It helped me a lot to have other stories and insights to read through, so I complied all of my resources for you, too!


I wanted to make this a one-stop-shop so I have been working on these blog posts for a few weeks, to be sure I didn’t leave anything out. I am also asked about how I got the blog up and running quite a bit so I decided to share that info now, too. 

This little series has been YEARS in the making so please let me know if I left out anything you wanted to know. Now that I am pretty comfortable with it, I may not be simplifying the basics enough for any newbies out there. 


Read now:

  • How I Plan Blog Content
  • My Shop's Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • Five Current Shop Essentials
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Emails


Coming up:

  • Get Started Guide to Writing A Blog Post
  • How to Print & Cut Stickers (Cricut Explorer Air 2 + Procreate)
  • Branding My Shop & Blog

Anything you are still wondering about? These were the big items I found myself having the most questions about before I opened up shop.


As for blogging, I have been at it since 2017 so feel free to ask whatever you like. Either leave a comment on a particular post so others can read it too, or if it‘s something specific you want to know, just email me back here


Ok, I have lots more unpacking to do. Talk with you soon.


From across the water, 



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