Hi Human,


This Mother's Day or any DAY, DO NOT be an Oedipus(s)!


Sigmund Freud, (born this day, May 6, 1856, in Freiberg, Moravia, Austrian Empire) came up with this silly idea that men who were attached to their mothers some how lost masculinity. 


I mean what kind of ridiculous context is that. Everybody comes out covered in Vag (even if you didn't make it through the shoot, its all VAG, so get over yourself). Furthermore, most men and a lot of women spend most of their time trying to get back into one.


The idea of masculinity as it reflects true strength as weakness – that crying, emotion, respect is a fault – is all part of the lie and a perfect pitch for a broken culture. It is also a blown out idea, one your momma wouldn't be proud of. 


Now, if that is how you were raised. Cool.


Now, you can fix it. Pass it on. Nobody likes an asshole. 


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In Bob Blauner's book of essays, "Our Mothers' Spirits: On the Death of Mothers and the Grief of Men,"  it shares that conflict between masculinity and a close loving relationship with a mother is manufactured through mainstream white culture. He shares in an interview that "Men don't have to psychologically separate from the mother to be masculine. Everyone must leave home and become their own person, but you don't have to over-react and reject the mother."


But this isn't some email bashing men, no, quite the opposite. It is our time to celebrate our moms by not forgetting where we came from.


Now, if your mom is a dirt bag looser who left you on a stoop, ya, fuck that lady.


But instead of wallerin' in your mommy issues, look to the light (aka be an adult). You can still respect the space that she gave you life. Not everyone is fit for the job, but we are creators and with that sometimes comes unwilling and unwanted responsibility. Just hold space for yourself to accept that you have some gratitude set into that thought of life. The one you most likely take for granted daily (we are all guilty at some point in our lives).


Why am I even writing this email. Because I wanted to remind you that Mother's Day is Sunday. So if you ain't celebrating MOM, Celebrate the fact you exist. 


Celebrate life . . . Indulge a bit and enjoy creation. 


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Your's Truly,

Tamara Gabbard

And Let us not forget THE JAMMY JAMZ


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