Success with Gadiel Montiel

Sheap E-Commerce, Startup Moxie Elkhart County

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Through our partner program Startup Moxie Elkhart County, Gadiel Montiel has been working on the first e-commerce extension to combine both aspects of automatic coupon applying and price comparison while at the same time not be limited to larger mainstream websites. He is doing this through his business Sheap E-Commerce. His goal is to give small and local businesses an even level to compete with the bigger businesses in their niche markets.


Gadiel recently won the Region 7 Innovate WithIN pitch competition and will represent our organization and region this summer at the state competition in Indianapolis.



“Startup Moxie has been so beneficial for me because it’s a class where you get what you give out of it. They give you the knowledge and networking and tools to make a business or career decision. Everyone is given the same great opportunity to succeed, but the ones that win and make something out of their idea are the ones who work out of class, go out of their way to network, talk to the right people, and refine their product to the very best in this very competitive world.”


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