We're calling on you.

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Our students need your help. Please take the time to read below.
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RISE, a nonprofit organization and educational program located in Mishawaka, IN, prepares students to plan and accomplish their entrepreneurial goals. Through RISE’s programs, Startup Moxie (for high school students) and Applied Entrepreneurship (for college students and community members), RISE provides instrumental connections, hands-on entrepreneurship experiences, and radical connection to community. Moreover, the RISE program creates tools, resources, training and mentorship that is available to high schools and colleges across the state.  
Five years ago, the first cohort of the RISE (Regional Innovation And Startup Education) high school program, Startup Moxie, knew they wanted to pay forward the opportunities they received to transform their communities and achieve their entrepreneurial goals. The cohort decided the best way to accomplish this goal was to invest in their classmates and future cohorts of the program.
Cat Edmonds, a member of the first cohort, describes, “RISE is one of the most life changing programs for me personally.” She emphasizes the program’s commitment to supporting its students. Edmonds explains that the fund her cohort established began as an effort to remove barriers and allow access to RISE students for equal opportunities to be able to succeed and achieve their goals. The cohort raised $10,000 which has been carefully distributed over the past six years, enabling opportunities for more RISE students to participate in the program, as well as working as a cushion for personal crisis.
Over the years, this fund, created by our program’s first cohort has supported students in numerous meaningful ways, including providing clothing, gas, transportation, and technology to students in need. By supporting our students in dire need of basic necessities, educational equipment, and emergency expenses, we are investing in our students and our community.
Over the past 5 years, this fund has run out and Sicerie Brooks and her daughter Keturah, both RISE students in our Applied Entrepreneurship Program, now need our help. Sicerie Brooks, was shot and severely injured last week while stopping at a Mishawaka gas station. Sicerie remains hospitalized. Sicerie and her family need help more than ever. And, assistance with medical bills is a good start, but is only the beginning of the support that Sicere and her family need during this heartbreaking time. RISE is aiming to recreate a substantial fund to help Sicerie today and other students who will need help in the future.
At RISE, our students are the center of all that we do. We invest in them, so that they can invest in themselves. We believe that in doing so, the RISE community is investing in the present and future of the South Bend-Elkhart region.

Supporting this family is the impetus for us to replenish this fund. This fund will go directly to our students in need, like Sicerie, for years to come. We urge you to contribute. Your donations will directly help students with support in times of crisis, providing basic needs, and providing invaluable professional equipment. We ask you to donate today to financially support Sicere and other students in their times of need.