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May 2021
Dr. Miaken Zeigler  |  303.623.0808

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ZC Rockstars!


Happy May! This month, we begin our second expansion cycle in the year. If you remember, our expansion cycles are focused on getting outside of the four walls of Zeigler Chiropractic to engage with our community. The goal is to create a more informed, vitalistic community through chiropractic… and we need your help! 

This expansion cycle theme is “Chiro Kids” because growing healthy, vibrant bodies and brains is so much easier then undoing years and decades of stress. And, if you tune into my blog over the next few months, you’ll understand why chiropractic care is a must for your children’s healthcare… I will help you better understand brain development and the stressors that impact a healthy trajectory.

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If you haven’t gotten your kids checked – I implore you: the earlier we can evaluate how your child is processing their environment, the better we are able to offer support and utilize the tools we have at our fingertips for them to grow and experience life to the fullest. As a new mom, I understand the desire to support Margot’s highest expression of health. I am grateful to partner with you in your healthcare – and look forward to extending that to the rest of the family. 

Because…. you are worth it, and your family is worth it, too.

We love & appreciate you!

Dr. Miaken

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