May Newsletter


Hi! May is my birthday month AND just so happens to be when I get to finally send out my first newsletter! Yay me! And yay YOU for following!


Hope you can take a moment to check out the pretty blocks above - lots of good intel from spring blossoms that are in full show off mode right now to my summer locations and even exclusive content because that's how I am gonna roll in here.


And EAKS!! Excited about this one… This year I'm combining my two loves: family travel + photography and officially kicking off Family Adventure Photo Sessions: The Seven Wonders of Oregon this weekend in The Painted Hills! These special sessions include a full package - a fun experience (for all ages), complete downloadable gallery, and goodies from local businesses. We get to explore, take pretty pics, and support businesses that have been hit hard this past year. Really excited about this!!


It is GORGEOUS out there right now and there are endless areas to explore! Reach out to schedule your session this spring or summer - and do it while the weather is on our side. And pro tip - flowers will be with us until the end of summer and the best part of taking pics in the summer is you won't have to worry about scheduling photos during the inevitable Fall Rush. 


May / June dates still available:

Sunday, May 23rd 

Thursday, May 27th

Friday, June 4th

Sunday, June 6th

Saturday, June 12th

Sunday, June 13th

Sunday, June 19th

Thursday, June 24th

Monday, June 28th


thank you for being HERE ❤


xo, Annie