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This week didn't exactly end up how I expected it would.  Because what I expected was a return to an event that normally fills me with excitement and joy, but that ended up sending me to a land of stress and exhaustion.  And suffering from the effects of one of the worst migraines I've had in many, many months.


It all crystallized for me this moment in time that we're all currently living through.  We're all so excited to return to something familiar, but I don't think I realized how much everything has been changed by the past year.  Really, how much we've been changed by the past year. I know now I am absolutely not the same person I was the last time I did this install 2 years ago.  


Things that I would have brushed off or laughed through became big points of contention.  Physically demanding workloads were way more mentally draining than I ever would have expected and being around so many different humans each struggling with their own re-entry was hard. All of it combined left me feeling more physically depleted than I had ever expected or planned.


So, I ask you to do one simple thing as you return to your familiar: go slow.


I learned this week that running back to life as it was will very likely leave you feeling empty and depleted.  So don't rush.  Keep it simple.  Listen to your body and your mind, and remember to communicate your needs.  Make a plan to recover before you head out.  And use all that you've learned about yourself over the last year to make sure you can handle whatever ‘normal’ has become.  Because you're worthy of care and understanding.


This week's small moments of  joy:

This backscratcher I received as a gift last year

Good coffee

Western Wildflowers

Acapella R&B hits

The history of Ketchup

Ginormous Faux Cinnamon Rolls

Installing Cement Tiles

Stained Glass Skateboard Decks

A fascinating old floorplan for living above a shop

An incredible mid-century apartment building

The most colorful elementary school

Summer Haircut Season

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.


Pin of the Week

I don't know about your summer schedule, but mine is filling up with long-overdue houseguests, meaning it's time to spruce up the ‘ole guest room. So this week’s scheme is for just that purpose, and while its based on my own guest room's color palette, this design is really more “time and money is not a concern” than it is what I'll be doing.  It all starts with a mid-mod wallpaper that is accented with a soft moss green velvet bed.  Gorgeous modern nightstands are topped with raw marble lamps.  The coziest boucle reading chair is complimented by a simple olive green leather ottoman.  An acrylic desk and a mid-century style chair with textured upholstery keep it light but functional.  Finally, I'd turn out the closet with a luxurious green wall, and a small cabinet with brass pulls topped with to die for quartz in lieu of a dresser.  Your very own boutique hotel.


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