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hey there, friend!

When I had a corporate job, I had taking days off down to a science.  By using company and national holidays as well as the pittance of vacation days (with zero PTO, UGH capitalism), I created my entire annual schedule so that I never worked more than 3 full weeks without a 3 or 4 day weekend.  It was essential for mentally and physically surviving that job.


But I have not been as stringent with conserving my energy now that I'm working for myself.  The past year has been about survival on many levels, and I haven't let up at all since this time last year. I've been working nights and full weekends, and three week stretches. That coupled with sad anniversaries of not only recent and historical events, but local ones, too, are making it easy for me to get really stuck in my emotions this week.


So while I had a large amount of projects planned for both myself and others during this quick break between the seasons, I'm dialing it all back and forcing myself to just sit and rest.  Vacations aren't really in the cards for us right now, but I promised myself that I'd at least try to take a physical break here at home.  And hopefully, once Fringe is over, around the area, too.


But I've sort of forgotten how to do even that.  I can't seem to go even a full day without a laptop open. Without making notes, or answering questions, or making plans.  Or feeling guilty for not getting something accomplished. I'm having to relearn and reteach my brain and body how to slow down and rest. 


So if you need me, at least for this week, I'll be on the couch with a book.  Or on the patio, also with a book.  Or in the hot tub, with a cocktail. And in bed at 7:30pm.


Some small moments of  joy:

Even though it's ungodly hot, opening the blinds over the sofa in the morning in order to sit in a sunbeam like a meditating cat while I drink my coffee.

My most favorite place on earth

The Linda Lindas got a record deal!

99% sure this is how people feel when I start talking paint colors

Yes exactly, zero control

Once a librarian, always a librarian

The accuracy of this 

The new Apple Watch accessibility features are astounding

A mesmerizing fishing net throw

Baumgartner's most satisfying restoration yet.

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.

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