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First name / Friend,, when the vision of the sanctuary was created, we held tight to the promise that if a child could see their innate beauty reflected in the eyes of an animal, compassion and kindness to all creatures would flourish. And so it is. This month, we were thrilled to welcome so many children and families to the sanctuary for our free “Sunday at the Sanctuary” workshop - Backyard Farm Animals. Watching the little ones holding goats in their arms, gently petting chickens or giving a soft kiss to a pony looking for a home, proved in no uncertain terms that a gentler world is being formed before our eyes. 


So, how do we make a difference when the challenges can feel so big? We start in our own backyards. Whether caring for farm animals humanely, protecting native wildlife or our own pets, small changes add up. As they say, think globally, act locally. Together, we got this. 

Jenny Hubbard

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 Friends, we got you covered!


Backyard Farm Animals

All creatures thrive from kindness but different animals require different support. Whether you plan to add chickens, goats or horses to your humane farm, make sure you do your research on zoning, animal care, nutrition and housing. Thank you to our friends at Newbury Farms, Rising Starr Horse Rescue, and Dr. Kim Brinton of Country Companion Veterinary Services for sharing their tips and animals with us!


Want to help a farm animal in need? Consider adopting from an official farm sanctuary near you. 


who said chicken coops had to be boring??

 Animals, we got you covered!



We all enjoy the outdoors and our cats are no exception! However, if you are worried about predators, traffic or protecting the bird population, it might not be possible to allow your feline friend outdoors. Fortunately, there ARE creative solutions to getting cats outside for exercise and stimulation while keeping them safe. Cat enclosures are a fantastic way to help the feral cat population as well. 


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Protecting Backyard Wildlife

Baby Birds

There is often confusion on how to help a baby bird that is out of its nest. If you find a baby bird who is not fully feathered, look around and see if you can find a nest. Once found, gently pick up the bird and place it back in the nest. Despite popular thinking, the mother bird will NOT reject the baby as they have little to no sense of smell. HOWEVER, if you find a fully feathered baby bird in the grass, it's likely a fledgling. Birds learn to fly from the ground up and during this time the parents are still nearby watching and feeding their young. It takes just a couple days for them to get the concept of flight. These are crucial learning stages for babies, so please keep dogs, cats and curious children at a distance. Do not return to the nest; simply leave it be.

Ground Animals

Some small timid animals such as rabbits and ground living birds will instinctively freeze and lower themselves to the ground when they are frightened. This is incredibly dangerous and can place them at risk from lawn mowers, cars and brush fires. If you see an animal who stops in the middle of the road out of fear, please slowly (and safely) stop the car and allow it to pass or gently move the animal to the other side of the road. When mowing the lawn, please check the area for nests. If you find one, put a marker at the site so you can avoid that spot with the mower. And if possible, always check a brush pile before burning to make sure no animals are living inside.

Exotic Pets & Wildlife

Never release a pet turtle (or any pet) into the wild. They will not know how to evade predators, search for other means of food or survive the winter. They will also most likely become sick as they have not been exposed to common bacteria found in the wild and in turn, can transmit diseases to other turtles and wildlife.


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Want to help the sanctuary and make a difference from your own “backyard”? Join us June 18-20th for the sanctuary's RACE FOR CATHERINE! Whether near or far, we invite you to run or walk in our very first 5K for Kindness. Register by June 14th. 

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"In a gentle way, you can shake the world." 

– Mahatma Gandhi