Issue 8 | June 8th, 2021                                                                                           

Reify 8&21

Welcome to your 3-minute pause. 

Let's focus on your practice of pursuing awesome.




We often look around us for inspiration

drawing from nature or book quotes or TED Talks… 


But what if, sometimes, the inspiration can come from… you?


This issue, we're sharing how our Reify Spotlight Series features find within-spiration: inspiration from within


(See what we did there?)


You are enough.


"On bad days, I tend to tie my achievements 

to my self-worth. 


'You are enough' reminds me that I'm enough as I am, sans achievements or accolades. 


I then find that I actually succeed more 

from this place of fulness, not scarcity." 


Self-acceptance: I am ______. 


"I don't have a day-to-day mantra… 

but this year, it has often been 

I am ________.


I am a natural workaholic

Don't think I will change that. 


But I can change WHAT I am working on and make it more like my personal vision statement."


“Self-acceptance begins with intention.


It is vital that we set an intention for ourselves—

that we are willing to shift paradigms 

from a world of blame, doubt and shame 

to a world of allowance, tolerance, acceptance and trust."

- Psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber


“Love yourself first 

and everything else falls into line. 


Your really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

Lucille Ball


Sometimes, you are the inspiration.


"'If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.'


That quote is from Dolly Parton, someone I admire for many reasons, and it's my day-to-day mantra because it helps me to remember that everything I say and do

impacts others.


I believe there is always room to be more kind,

caring, and compassionate."


Your mood, your day.


"I am a firm believer that your day will follow your mood. So if you want good things from your day then you have to drive that forward.


Think good thoughts

and good things will happen."


What's inspiring about you today?



Reify 8&21 is a digital publication 

intentionally sent on the 8th and 21st
to disrupt your status-quo 

with an encouraging reset.


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heart photo by Kelly Sikkema