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The number one concern for most of our patients is lines and wrinkles, and the number one question we get asked is, “How do I make my Botox last longer?” Meet Revox Line Relaxer + Neuromodulator. This advanced, targeted serum is specifically formulated to work synergistically with a neuromodulator. Its breakthrough formula will not only help optimize in-office treatments, but also to delivers clinically-proven benefits on its own. You'll see improved skin texture, more hydrated skin, and fewer lines and wrinkles. Available exclusively at Refresh before it launches nationwide!



Penne for 

your Thoughts


Summer entertaining is back and we've never been so excited to cook for anyone not currently living in our homes. Welcome your friends back to your yard with this light and refreshing penne pasta dish from Jenna, via Giada De Laurentis. This simple but elegant recipe calls for asparagus, peas, and cherry tomatoes, but we can see using anything left in the fridge at the end of the week. Serve it with a crusty loaf of bread and a bottle of Rosé. 


Not Just a 

Pretty Hat


You no longer have to choose between looking cute and keeping the sun at bay. NEW at ReFresh-Wallaroo hats are incredibly stylish but also offer a UPF of 30+ for superior protection from sun's harmful rays. Wallaroo has earned the Skin Cancer Foundation's seal of approval. Perfect for golfing, brunching outside with girlfriends, or a relaxing day at the beach! Check them out in the Refresh lobby.


Sliding into Summer


Summer is here and the panic to keep our kids busy is settling in. Super Mom Rachael to the rescue! “I used and for fun and innovative ideas! Last summer, when we were at home, we enjoyed the oldie but goodie- Slip ‘N Slide in our yard.” Obviously kids love anything with water, but we know a few adults who’d love it too. Click below for DIY instructions.


Summer Boredom Buster


If you're looking for something out-of-the-box to do this summer, check out 3Quest Challenge. You and your squad can discover Milwaukee in a fun and different way. The game instructs you to find a variety of items that can be found in the downtown area. For every item you find, you'll get points. See how your points stack up to others on our app rankings. The Scavenger hunt also has a live remote host to help along the way. Perfect for birthday parties or team building events!


We hope you enjoyed our top 5 picks, and we're excited to share many more with you in the coming weeks. As always, we're so grateful for your support and love having this opportunity to serve you in the inbox. 
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