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Jennifer Kurani

1. What inspired you to become a children's book author?

As a child, I spent most of my time curled up with a good book. Oftentimes, I would stay awake at night with my flashlight on just so I could finish reading. My love for reading became a passion that continued to grow and eventually lead to creating my own stories that I could share with others. It was only after I left my job at Scholastic that I began to actually write. I choose kids as my readers because I believe children’s fiction is one of the most important forms of writing. It helps provide emotional intelligence and creativity and teaches them about the world around them while introducing them to new ideas. Each story I write takes the reader on a journey of self- realization that can hopefully help a child believe in themself or overcome obstacles they may face or simply choose to be kind. 

2. What was your favorite book as a child?

My favorite book as a child was Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess because I loved how persistently the character Sam-I-Am tries to convince another character to try something new. Sam never gives up and eventually succeeds.

3. Your books teach children that everyone is special in their own way, why is this such an important message?

Everyone truly is special in their own way! When you believe in yourself, you're accepting who you really are. You're not afraid to give your opinion and you're going to be proud of this person you're becoming. When you believe in yourself you feel like you can handle the world! Positive energy and a little confidence gives a major lift. Believing that you are special gives you the strength and ability to accomplish goals. Deep down inside, you know you can do anything. 

4. How can parents encourage young children to love books and literature from an early age?


  • Let kids choose their own book
  • Ask questions about the story
  • Read together
  • Point out the illustrations

5. Which of your books was your favorite to write and why?

Tough question! I love them all but my favorite is my 4th book that has not been released yet. It's silly and fun to read while learning that it is important to always remain calm and try to not worry so much. As my kids always tell me, "Relax mom. It's ok!"


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