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Hi, First name / there!



It's Day 3 of the Connect To Your Calling Challenge, and you all are blowing me away with your commitment.


So far, you've gotten an honest look at where you are in your life and finding out where you may or may not be living in integrity + alignment.


You've also gotten quiet and began to listen to the whispers of your heart.


Did you miss the FIRST TWO days? No worries, you can EASILY go back to them… Scroll to the bottom for access.



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When I created this Challenge, I wanted it to be a TRULY TRANSFORMATIONAL experience for you. And it won't be transformative unless you commit to taking action every day.


Even if you have to take a little bit longer to do this challenge - that's okay! Take this time to dive deep, get to know yourself better, and embrace the lessons.


Today, we're going to focus on what really lights you up!



Natural Gifts

Gifts are more than just talents; they are what make you feel fulfilled and happy. Ask yourself these two questions:


• What am I good at?

• What do I love to do?


Your gifts will arise in the responses that answer both questions. You probably have a long list of things you're good at, but don't enjoy doing. A true gift is something you can give back to the world with ease and pleasure.


Serves Others

Your calling can be thought of as the urge to share your gifts with the world.


• Who do you want to help the most?

• In what ways do you have the urge or feel called to serve others?

• How would you use a gift of a million dollars if it had to be given away?



>> Download Worksheet <<



Ask others what they think.


Poll 1-3 people about your passions - they can be friends or family members. Please make sure they are people you trust. Ask them what they see as your calling—notice which responses elicit a feeling of “yes!” in you.


Get curious and make it fun!



YOUR Affirmation

I am a unique person who makes a difference.


Write your affirmation down on a sticky note where you can see it. Or write it in your journal. Notice how you feel when you say this to yourself. 

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And that’s Day 3 in the bag!


Head over to Facebook and leave a comment w/ #done on today's Facebook post


If you do this every day - you will be entered to win a prize at the end of the challenge!


Did you get behind? 


> click here for Day 1 replay via website replay page or here for the FB group


> click here for Day 2 replay via website replay page or here for the FB group


See you tomorrow at 12pm Pacific Time!




xo, Claudia