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First name / Love, OMG! That went too quick. I can't believe this challenge is coming to an end.


You've taken INCREDIBLE action in your life this week, but it doesn't have to stop here.


This work is about your precious life and how you're going to move forward with clarity and courage!


As I said yesterday, I've created a Free Workshop for you to help you get clear on your future vision. It's happening on Monday, June 14th at 10am PDT via Zoom. Register here! 


WITHOUT a roadmap of the right next steps, you might stay stuck for too long, and I don't want to see that happen.


So register for this FREE Workshop right now 😉


Okay, so now to the last exercise in this series…



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At the beginning of this challenge, you got real with yourself about your life. And you looked at what no longer aligns with you.


You took the time to listen to your heart on Day 2.


On the third day, you looked at your gifts and thought about how you would like to serve others.


And yesterday, you faced your fears and thought about the things you'd do if you were not afraid.


You are here on the planet for a reason.


There is a purpose for your life.


A deep feeling of inner contentment begins to develop when you become clear about your mission.


Every experience in your life is propelling you forward in alignment with your mission.


Today you are going to write your soul mission statement!


When you write your mission statement or say it out loud, you should get an instant rush of energy and vitality because the words resonate with your soul.


It does not need to be fancy and forget about perfection. Let it be a work in progress. Keep working on it until each word sings with your inner truth.



Today you are going to create your soul mission statement!

Create a mission statement reflective of what your purpose wants to be in the world. If you're not sure… that's okay. Just start writing and see what comes out! This isn't about knowing the perfect thing to say. Trust what wants to come through you and get to writing!


You'll start your mission statement with: The purpose of my life is...


Your soul loves the truth so feel what happens in your body when you're writing. 


Does it expand you or give you energy?


Think of your soul mission statement as a seed. Which seed are you choosing to plant in the fertile soil of your soul?


What do you want to grow?


1-2-3, go!


>> Download Worksheet <<



Watch for the signs!


Today and every day watch for signs, synchronicities, and coincidences. In every moment, the universe is whispering to you.


Signs are powerful indicators that can give you an understanding of yourself and insight about your direction in life. They can also reflect what is occurring in your subconscious mind. When you take time to listen to the universe's whispers, you deepen your connection to your inner wisdom.


Ask yourself this question your experiences today:

"If this event had a message for my life, what would it be?"


Bonus: Feel free to journal about your discoveries at the end of the day!


YOUR Affirmation

I am aligned with my mission in life.


That's the five day challenge! You did it!


And of course, if you need more time - take it. `


Don't stop. Don't give up. Do it your way. A little bit each day. Or in one big chunk over the weekend 😉


Okay - so you know the drill. Leave a comment on today's Facebook post w/ #done for a chance to win a prize.


>> Lastly, don't forget to register for the Visioning Workshop on Monday!

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xo, Claudia


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