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Happy Tuesday, Readers!


Raise your hand if you love beach reads? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ 


That's a big yes! from me.


But let's backtrack for just a second. What exactly is a beach read?


To me, the term beach read means a special summer book that is perfect for vacation (even if that vacation is not at the beach). It also means whatever beach read book I pick up has a good chance of being compulsively readable.


During a time in our lives when things have been chaotic, restrictive, and isolating, beach reads are also escapes from reality. They're captivating. They grab the reader's attention and don't let go. They let us be someone and somewhere else for a while.


I've partnered with some authors to celebrate beach reads. Most of them actually take place on a beach somewhere (which isn't actually part of the beach read definition, but it's fun!). Some have romantic elements, some are mysteries, some are women's fiction. There is something for everyone, so take a look! I hope you find a beach read that sparks your interest.


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  • Summer Beach Reads! πŸ–οΈ
  • Murder at Sea Captain's Inn βš“
  • Paranormal Mysteries! ✨

Happy Reading!



Last week I asked if you liked champagne. 

Turns out most of you DO like champagne! Brut was the most recommended. 

Thank you to everyone who emailed me with their 

sparkling wine thoughts. 


This Week's

Question of the Week

Where is a favorite vacation spot for you--the perfect place to settle in with a beach read?


Email me to let me know. I'll report back next week!



Pet and Family Corner 🐾🐾🐾


Our youngest walked the stage this past weekend! 

It was extra special because his dad gave him his diploma. πŸ’–

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Dobby feeling a wee bit fiesty! 

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