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June 2021
Dr. Miaken Zeigler  |  303.623.0808

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ZC Rockstars!


We are nearly halfway through 2021 – how are you? Seriously, HOW ARE YOU? Coming through this pandemic has been HARD. It’s not okay to be disconnected… from our family and friends… from human touch… from our bodies.


I think now more than ever, our world… our community… our fellow human beings need connection. That is why I do what I do… I love to be in authentic connection with you. To support your health, longevity, and your internal connection to the inborn intelligence that is within you. You are a miracle. You have everything you need within you to heal from sickness, past trauma, isolation… whatever it is. Your body doesn’t need help to heal, it just needs no interference.

Don’t you think more people need to hear this message? 

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Connection. Will you help me? I desire to live in a world where our community is healthy, vital, expressing a higher potential… connected. Chiropractic is the answer. Will you share what you know? With your family, friends, children, colleagues… now is the time. In July, we celebrate our community with Patient Appreciation Week, where we offer complimentary chiropractic exams to your loved ones. Who will you invite in to the practice and community?

The time is now.
Together, we are hope and connection.

We love & appreciate you!

Dr. Miaken


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