10 creative ways to build your social media brand

Hey digital kings and queens,


It doesn't matter whether you want to sell your products or want to get more brands working with you for sponsored posts, for both you need to build your brand.

Let's unpack 10 creative ways how you can build your social media brand.


1. Define your brand

Paying attention to this phase and focusing all of your work and energy at the start, will pay off in the end. First, you must define the type of content you want to produce. Be it DIY, Beauty, Food.  Find your niche and build content around it.


2. Brand yourself

  • Complete your social media profile
  • Develop a posting schedule
  • Interact with your audience
  • Switch to business profile on social media
  • Integrate your website or blog into your social media presence 

3. Target the right platforms

Not all social media platforms are created equal. Twitter is more of a conversation, best for sharing industry news or topics related to your brand. Instagram is a sweet spot that allow brands to connect with you. But find the platform that is best suited for the type of content you want to be known for: your niche.


4. Build a brand voice

Make sure that the images and content that you post is consistent with the style and imagery of your brand. Use it like an advertising tool kit and keep it uniform across all platforms.  There are some great free tools, like Canva, that you can use to create and build your brand voice and tone.


5. Develop a posting schedule

It's important to plan your content ahead of time to ensure that you post frequently. This will help you to decide on the type of content to post, how often you post in a week and the time of day.  It is essential to optimize your posts to reach as many users as possible, while still staying true to your brand.


6. Post visually compelling content

Use photo editing apps to make your feed look more coherent, polished, and professional. The content should also be aligned with your unique brand voice.


7. Create unique hashtags                    

Use hashtags that speak to your brand. It offers another way for people to find and share your work. Hashtags helps you to track and measure the impact of your content.


8. Separate business from personal

Unless you are a celebrity brand that is selling your lifestyle, it is best to keep the two separate and keep the attention focussed on your brand message.


9. Connect & Collaborate

Follow all the influencers in your industry and develop a meaningful conversation with them online. To get on their radar, comment and like their posts. Also post about their work and tag them. You can use DM’s to make an initial connection, but be respectful and only reach out once.


10. Have a media kit/rate card

A media kit gives you the opportunity to present yourself as you want to be seen. It also gives your audience a detailed description of exactly what you offer. A rate card is as crucial. If a company was charging advertising space on their website, tv channel or magazine they would have to tell the person looking to advertise how much it would cost for them to do so. This is basically what you are doing for brands just the outlet is your social media channel and blog and the viewers are your followers and fans.



‘’Branding is an art of aligning''

—xoxox Fluence


Till Next time, Keep InFLUENCEing