5 things to add  to your media kit


Are you media kit ready?


As an influencer it is important for you to have a media kit ready for two reasons:  (1) When a brand requests it and (2) When you pitch for a paid collaboration.


But first, what is a media kit? A media kit is your pitching deck, your brand presentation, and your creative resume. If you’re an influencer, blogger or a content creator, everything you do, including your media kit, should be on brand and professional. Your media kit will include everything about you, your social media channels, your statistics, demographics, partnership offerings, and contact information.


Now that you know what a media kit is and what its used for, here are 5 things to add to your media kit to get the attention from a brand.

Key information about you

It is important for you to start by telling brands who you are and what you’re all about. Consider this introduction “about me” section or your cover letter


Social Media Insight

Your social media insights is an important part of the decision-making process for brands. Bands want to see who you are talking to on your platforms and your reach.


Engagement stats

The connection between your audience size and your audience demographics can be seen in your engagement ratios. Brands reach out to influencers whose audiences are interested in, and respond well to, what an influencer posts. Your engagement ratio measures the relationship between your total audience size and the number of followers who like, comment on, or share your posts. The better the engagement, the higher your value as an influencer.


Brands Mention and Affinity

An equally telling aspect of your online personality has to do with the brands you mention in your posts. The audience of an influencer who frequently talks about makeup and beauty  brands  will differ from the audience of an influencer who talks about food brands


Previous Campaigns

Talk about your previous successful campaigns. You do have them, don’t you? You almost have to think like a consultant because what brands really want to know about your previous campaigns are the results you delivered for the brands that paid you to work with them. Highlight some of the brands you’ve worked with, as well as some of the paid content you’ve created. It would be helpful to show some examples of particularly engaging conversations that have started as a result of your sponsored posts. Brands are particularly fond of seeing that you’ve had long-standing relationships with other brands - repeat customers.


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At Fluence Africa stats is very important, in order to measure the impact of each influencer.  We create a score card for each influencer which is made up of total number of followers across all platforms, an average engagement rate and reach over the last 3 months.   We also create a snapshot of the demographics of your audiences across all platforms and your top performing posts.  This gives you an indication of the RIO you can create for brands


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