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In an effort to calm it down I am going to try and keep these emails more to the point. So today, I am sharing one super quick tip with you, in connection with yesterday's blog post.

bonus idea:


Print your photos out and cut out the important parts. Add them to your mid-year review or a collage. Remember those? We used to clip from magazine articles and paste them all together on one big board for the year. Why not include real-life photos? You can be inspiring too 😉 and there's nothing wrong with motivating yourself once in a while.




If you're looking for more photo use tips, you can read the full post here



So how’s your July starting off?

Updates from me? I have just been in the zone the last few weeks. It's been fun setting up a new studio space (hoping to have a video on it coming soon) and getting my creative juices flowing again.


I ended up creating a sticker sheet to match my vibe of late. I don't know if it'll make it into the shop because I made them just for my own general use, but I thought I could at least share the sheet with you!


The button below will take you to a zip file with two documents in it: one is the sticker sheet and the other is the backing for it. If you're a digital planner you'll just use the stickers without the backer but I wanted to include both for anyone who wanted to print and cut these bad boys out. 


productivity stickers

free download


As always, please be responsible with this freebie. It is being offered exclusively to email subscribers and should only be used by you. 


Much aloha, 


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As anticipated, moving over to a Shopify store is taking quite a bit of time. I do have select items available again in my Etsy shop currently, but will only be rolling out the new collection on the new site.


Thank you for your understanding, and patience!

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