Three steps to change your life


Step 1:


Daily Vitamins



Your daily lifestyle multi-vitamin a.k.a. Human Jumper Cables.  You take these as soon as you wake up before your feet hit the floor.  These will flood your system with 12 vitamins and minerals giving you a natural energy boost with no crash!

We have mens & women's capsules: the only difference is men's have 10 milligrams more of caffeine!


Step 2:


Lifestyle Shake



Our shakes are super finely milled (ultra-micronized nutrition).  They come in six different flavors with no gross texture, chalkiness, or sandy like feel.  These will keep you full for about 4 hours, help with weight management, and give you additional energy!  They have 15g of protein, 1500 mg of super foods, 22 vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


Step 3:




DFT or Derma Fusion Technology

This is what sets us apart from all other health & wellness companies.  This is the worlds first wearable nutrition!  We have many different types to be able to cater to all wants and needs.  From this you can maintain weight, lose weight, improve mood, gain energy, help immune function, mental acuity and focus.



You don't have to do all three steps but the best results come from using all three since they were formulated to work together.


All natural ingredients, even the DFT's stick with plant nectar technology.


All three steps have multiple options!


The three steps are good for everyone whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight, improve energy, boost mood, we have options for all!


There are no required auto-ships for customers or promoters!


Everyone including customers and promoters have the opportunity to earn products for FREE!


Message me with any questions or concerns!



The Elite Team