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A little back story

My love of writing started back in 2010. I was desperate to read a story about an angel falling in love with a girl. Needless to say, I couldn't find one, which prompted me to sit down and put pen to paper - or more to the point, fingers to keyboard. Three weeks later, and with 65,000 words under my belt, Rebecca's Angel was born. I spent the next few years writing about Rebecca, learning about the do's and don'ts's of writing - and I still get it wrong sometimes hahahaha! 

There ended up being four books in the Rebecca's Angel series which were renamed, Glimmer, Glisten, Lustre and Shine. These were what I considered my practice books - will they ever be published???  … maybe … one day.

But at the moment, other stories are calling out to be told.



The writing room

The process of writing is simple enough, once you know what you're doing. 


My own routine goes something like this.

  1. I write a first draft, taking no notice of spelling, punctuation, formatting etc - just getting the bones of the story told. from start to finish.
  2. Then comes the huge structural edit. This is where I will delete, sometimes, entire scenes, spend a lot of time re-writing, go through plot lines and timelines making sure it all meets up where it's supposed to.
  3. The next is a line by line edit - words are added, but mostly cut out - I look for repetitive words, style, grammar and how the flow of the story goes.
  4. Next, is a final edit and read through, before it is sent to my beta readers. Once it comes back from them, any errors, typo's I've missed are corrected.
  5. Then I download the manuscript, along with the cover to IngramSpark to have the first of three of four books printed for review.
  6. Once the reviewed copies have come back, and the changes made (not all typo's, missed words/letters are found … the little buggers!) It's then off to do the print run.
  7. Then it's out to you, the readers - YAYYYYY!!!!


Ember Riley


 47 Lilac Road aka 666 welcome to Hell Street.

I know we all have our own ideas of who characters are, so here are a couple of my first impressions


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