July Newsletter

Hi there, friend

WOW, we've come to the middle of the year already. June is done and dusted, and only 25 Friday's left till Christmas, hee hee hee or should I say, Ho ho ho.


There is heaps happening on the writing/editing front in regards to AirWhisperer, Book three of the Elementar series. Just over 100,000 words reached (that's 30,000 words I've written in the last 20 days wooo hooo),  the first structural edit almost finished, and all that's left is to write out the last 20,000 words or so, to wrap the book up.

I'm getting really excited.


There will be a COVER REVEAL in the coming weeks too, so watch out for that.


You may have also seen we have a new dachshund … Ed - he's 1 years old and the most loving little pup ever. He and Luna have started a friendship/romance that looks like it will last a lifetime and which incorporates sharing sleeping bags and mealtimes, although not kangaroo tails eeeek - a little tussle happened there, but all is sweet now.


I hope you have a wonderful winter/spring/summer/autumn month, wherever you are, and remember … your imagination is the golden pathway to everywhere. (Terence McKenna)

Ed and Luna say Hi xxx

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   Lorraine xxx

Starting from scratch

These were my very first mock up covers for the Elementar series 

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Recommended reading
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You're probably thinking … what is she talking about???

Have you read A Court of Thrones and Roses by Sarah J Maas.

WOW, it's brilliant.

Brief overview

It is a basic retelling of Beauty and the Beast … except with Fairies.

Feyre is a human girl who accidentally kills a wolf. She doesn't know that the wolf is actually a Fae (Fairy), from across the border. She is taken captive by Tamlin who is a Fae Lord/king of his realm, where she learns the good and the bad about her new home. There is a pretty hot and heavy relationship that blossoms (not porn, but not far off) but is tastefully done.

I am currently on the 3rd book in the series, A Court of Wings and Ruin, which is equally as brilliant.


Character spotlight

This was my first impression of River


River's house

I know we all have our own ideas of who characters are, so here are a couple of my first impressions


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Fave Quote
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Putting a favour out there

Anyone interested in being an ARC (Advanced reader copy) in exchange for a review on amazon, message via this page or through my FB Author page

Thank you xxx

Lorraine xxx