I'm delighted to share ‘cut outs’, a new series by distinguished German artist, Jessica Backhaus. It's been an honour to work closely with Jessica over recent years - her process and vision continually amaze me. Experimenting with everyday objects, analogue techniques and abstraction, Jessica succeeds, time and again, to stage the ordinary in alluring new ways. This series was crafted with the most basic of means, focusing on the essentials: light and shadow, form and colour.

In the coming months, ‘cut outs’ will be widely exhibited: ‘The Eye Sees’ in collaboration with Robert Morat Galerie during Les Rencontres d'Arles opening week (July), Photo Basel (Sept), Photo London (Sept) and Paris Photo (Nov). A joyous celebration of simplicity and colour as we tentatively encounter art in person again. 

If the artworks are of interest, please get in touch.


cut out 4 (2020)

cut out 13 (2020)


cut out 31 (2020)

cut out 37 (2020)


“Colours are emotions.” 
- Jessica Backhaus


cut out 32 (2020)

cut out 26 (2020)



Jessica Backhaus has a distinctive style of documenting simple elements in ingenious ways, her process constantly evolves with deepening focus and experimentation. With ‘cut outs’, pieces of transparent paper react to the heat of piercing, intense sunlight. The artist stepped back to witness the shapes shifting, rising - and casting perfect shadows. Backhaus intervened only slightly to tweak the cut outs and steer the shadows; prepared to shoot quickly, to catch the exact moment the compositions were just right. She describes the process of working in the heat as very physical. I see the process as a performance: shadows and colours dancing with the choreographer. All forms moving gracefully, playfully, for the camera.



Backhaus' work has been exhibited internationally, including at the National Portrait Gallery (London), Martin-Gropius-Bau (Berlin), MARTa Herford (Herford) and the Kunsthalle Erfurt (Erfurt). Her work is featured in important museum collections such as the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), the Marguilies Collection (Miami), the Deutsche Börse (Frankfurt) and the ING Art Collection (Brussels). To date, Jessica Backhaus has 10 publications to her name and has been awarded numerous Photo Book prizes.


left to right: cut out 46, cut out 11 & cut out 33 (all 2020)


artwork details

40 x 60cm, fine art pigment print, edition of 2
EUR 3,000 (unframed) + VAT

75 x 112.5cm, fine art pigment print, edition of 3
EUR 5,100 (unframed) + VAT

The 2 sizes complete the single edition of 5

Jessica Backhaus' new book ‘cut outs’, published by Kehrer Verlag, is sold in a limited edition of 750, EUR 50.


All images © Jessica Backhaus, courtesy of Robert Morat Galerie, Berlin.
With the creative support of Torvits + Trench.


Diana Poole | art photography
advisory, curation & experiences


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