Want to direct Google's attention to your website? Then, don't make this massive mistake!



Hey hey, First name / photographer!


Last week, I was working with a photographer who was moving into the last phase of transitioning her written content into her website. She sent me her website to preview, and it looked amazing! But there was something she said in her email to me that made me screech to a halt. 


She assured me the written content would look different by launch because she planned to take her written content into photoshop, customize the text design, turn it into an image, and insert the written content back into her website as an image. 


Image item


When I say I was over the moon she'd mentioned this to me before doing it…!


If there's one things you remember after reading this, let it be this: any text you put into an image cannot be read by Google. So, if your keywording is done in text that is part of an image, the keywording will not work!


If you're like “OH CRAP! This is exactly what I've done!” don't worry. Most of us have made this mistake at one time or another – even me! Formatting text for websites is actually really difficult. That's why I so highly value the work of talented web designers. How they're able to design and code a website to perfection is so beautiful! But if you're not a web designer (and I'm certainly not!) it can feel easier to make the customization you'd like to see on your website in a program you're familiar with, like Photoshop.


Whether because you don't have your preferred fonts on your web platform or because you don't like the why the text lays out once it hits the site, it's tempting to take back control of your website's design by turning each text box into a perfected image. But when text becomes an image, it completely disappears from Google's radar. And it takes all SEO optimization with it, making it harder for your ideal clients to find your work.


Turning your text into images also messes with the way your written content will translate from desktop to mobile. And in a time when so many people tap dance across the internet on their phones, ensuring you have a mobile-friendly website is a MUST!


So, please pinky promise me right this minute that you won't put another sentence into an image to ensure it looks a certain way. No design element is worth making Google think your website is empty of text! 


Speaking of text for your website, 

I'm now booking written content projects for July and August!


Whether you're preparing for a website filled with new written content or you're simply playing with content you've had for years remember: Don't. Put. It. In. An. Image! Okay? Promise? 

xo, Erica