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Want sustainable 

progress and change? 


The race to recover is on. To reestablish what was.


But we aren't the same.


Our organizations have experienced relentless change and our people have experienced tensions and to varying degrees trauma.


The doors may be open for business but the workforce is not necessarily able to keep pace with the demands.


How do we build resilient teams as we transition?


There is a truth that 

remains unchanged…


The pace and progress, the depth of transformation and sustainable change is utterly dependent on the top leadership’s awareness and attention to their individual habits and the impact on those they lead.


                       -sandy anderson




A Calling.


This truth requires courage and curiosity.


This exploring requires humility and connection with others. 


It requires awareness and attention.





Are you aware of your impact on those around you?


Are you aware of how others feel after spending time with you?


Are you aware of the impact your habits [how you speak, words you use, actions, attitudes etc.] have on those you interact with?


Do you care?

Are you willing to identify areas that need attention to level up trust, respect and connection?





Are you willing to take the time and discover with intention where you may need to reset habits that are sabotaging trust, respect and connection?


Are you willing to take the time to discover what habits are elevating trust, respect and connection and how to level them up to expand the influence?




"I don't have time.”


Time to give feedback.  Time to clarify a misunderstanding.  Time to ask questions or listen to a question rather than assume. Time to explore my impact and influence on those around me.


Reality is you can't afford not to create time.  The cost is too high.  


As a leader the awareness and attention to your own habits sets the foundation in creating the workplace culture [and influences every relationship you have].   Do your “go to” habits elevate and engage the people on your team and the people you desire to invite into the organization?   Or do your habits default to reactive responses that will sabotage the very progress the organization is setting out to achieve?


This isn't solo work.  Understanding your strengths, utilizing solution focused strategies in your leadership is a specific next step that could be transformational for you and those you lead.


Ready to explore awareness and attention?  Ready for a reset, reframe or refuel as you lead?  


Those you lead may be asking the same thing…just not directly to you.  Here's an opportunity to impact the livability of those you lead!


PS  This organizational culture work is collective.  From the individual board members, CEO to every team member.   Every person regardless of position and platform in an organization contributes to the culture through their habits.  However, without top leadership leading the awareness and attention, the work done by others will be stifled and ultimately sabotaged.



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