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If you have decided to be a part of The Activist Collab chances are you are interested in trying to do your part to help do something good in the world. 

But how? And doing what? 


I know, it’s all very overwhelming. Don’t worry! Over the next few weeks leading up to the #riseupbootcamp challenge we are going to be working through some ways to help you figure out your project. 


You have so much to offer, we all do, let’s just figure out where our interests and talents are going to be of the most use. And find something we really love doing at the same time!


Who knows where great ideas are going to come from and since everyone’s brains work a little bit differently, I have laid out several different “idea sparks” below. Being open is the key here! Even if you think something may not be interesting to you, I encourage you to do the writing prompt, click the link, etc. You truly never know what random piece of information may spark the perfect idea for you!


Ok, let’s get started...




Let's dig…
Feeling stuck for an idea is so incredibly frustrating. So often we have buried what our true passions are over time without even realizing we did it.


get yourself a cool journaL AND…

Complete the following:

1. When I was younger, I played for hours with ___________

2. When I was younger, I didn’t have ____________.

3. As a kid, I wish someone supported my dream of being __.

4. As a kid, I was scared of _____________.

5. In my house, we never had enough ______________.

6. As a kid, I never understood why _______________.

7. The first hard lesson I remember learning was ___________.

8. I still beat myself up about the time I said/did  ____ to ___.

9. As a kid, I was always getting in trouble for_____________.

10. As a kid, I wish someone had told me _____________.


So many people start Activism projects as a way to provide the help or support they wish they had had as a kid. Did any of these answers bring something up for you?

Let's get inspired!

These activists used their own lived experiences to make positive change…



Growing up spending way too many lunch times alone in the cafeteria, a group of trained volunteers at Libera, a nonprofit in West Virginia, decided that every Monday they would show up shortly before noon at a local high school to listen to any students who wanted to talk (All worked out with the school beforehand, of course). Lunchtime Listeners was born.  So many kids admitted that they didn’t really have someone to listen to what was going on in their lives. One volunteer said, "Almost every week in the high school lunchroom, a new teen would ask to speak to one of us in private - to confess that she’d been contemplating suicide, or to say she was experiencing anxiety or being bullied. Sometimes students would approach the table asking for help for a friend who was self-harming or thinking about suicide". 


This worked so well that they decided to create LovePacks to give to the teens as well. LovePacks are colorful drawstring backpacks filled with resources and activities to support students emotionally and mentally. These packs include: an age-appropriate book addressing anxiety and depression;  journals with prompts; coloring books and crayons; items with crisis numbers to call or text; links to body safety and online safety videos; stress balls to squeeze; anxiety, depression, and bullying tools and resources; snacks, and more. Not only that, each LovePack features a note, handwritten with love and kindness, from one of the volunteers.


Quote of the day…
“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” 





I hope this was helpful! I am so excited to hear what ideas it may have sparked! If you are a full member of The Activist Collab, head over to Slack and let me know what you thought!


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