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Honoring the Sacredness Within 

All Sacred Spaces is a virtual community healing center for Melanated Beings (BIPOC). Through our soul offerings, we are here to support you with transitioning from generationally and sociality conditioned forms of survival mode and blossom into your inherit & Divine birthright of Thriving by way of healing, connection and joy. 


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Bloom from within.

Blooming Queens



Every young girl deserves to be seen, heard & held, to receive the support they need to fully bloom into the Queens that they are




Blooming Queens

 A sacred rites of passage journey for young melanated queens transitioning from girlhood to womanhood 


Blooming Queens was birthed out of the heart desire to provide nurturance and guidance to girls as they navigate the delicate time of stepping fully into who they are as an embodied Queen. The journey from girlhood to womanhood is a joyous rite of passage and is to be honored and celebrated. 


You are here to Bloom. A Blooming Queen is one who is on the cusp of womanhood, in the self-discovery process and learning to connect to her Truth and power. Blooming Queens is here to support this initiatory process, it is an intentional container that promotes growth, self-discovery & sisterhood for melanated girls (BIPOC) ages 13-18 (grades 9-12).


Embrace, Empower & Embody. These are the pillars that supports each Blooming Queen on her journey…We gather together to embrace one another in love while also holding space to embrace our truest selves, empower ourselves and each other through unity and upliftment and elevate ourselves by connecting to our infinite potential and embodying our inner Queen.


The initiation and transformation that will guide this experience…We explore our internal landscape by diving into processes that will support us with connecting to our hearts and cultivating healthy and intentional connection with one another. Through engaging heart shares, meditative practices, journaling, group work and more our queens build upon their internal resources and receive the guidance they need to stand boldly as a Queen, who has bloomed. 


Calling in all Blooming Queens. If you are a young queen or have a young queen in your life who is ready to be showered with love, support, sisterhood and empowerment as they move through their journey, join us inside our next Blooming Queens circle! 

Love from our Queens who've Bloomed…

“It’s common for girls our age that we feel as if we have no one to talk to or that no one cares enough to listen…Blooming Queens could help a lot of girls.”

Malona M. age 15

“I believe girls will benefit from Blooming Queens because it’s a safe space to talk about anything you desire without being judged & to know that you're never alone.”

Udita P. age 16

“I loved the session, it was really empowering & helped me get in touch with my inner self. I believe Blooming Queens will allow others to open up & dig deep within themselves.” 

Kalani W. age 15

“Blooming Queens is a benefit for myself & others because it helps us realize & figure out what we can do to make ourselves fully feel like queens & bring positive energy into our lives.”

Sydney C. age 15

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It's time to bloom





I'm Tatiana Reed, a Los Angeles based student & practitioner of the healing arts, Spiritual Guide & Foundress of All Sacred Spaces, an online community healing center for Melanated Beings (BIPOC). My happiest days are spent sharing wisdom & supporting others on their journey of stepping into their Divine Truth. I also enjoy frolicking in nature & indulging in fine dark chocolates.