Happy  Friday!

 Hopefully my last note got your brain going a bit! If not, no big deal! Project ideas can take a while to figure out so if that didn’t do anything for you, be patient. Doing this work every couple of days starts to magically add up somewhere deep in your brain and all of a sudden, one day while you are walking your dog or sitting at a stop light or in the freezer section at the grocery store something just comes to you. Seemingly out of nowhere! But it's not out of nowhere. 


Think of it as exercising a new muscle in your brain and every tiny bit you do helps it get stronger - even if you can’t see the results right away. Remember it's a marathon not a sprint!




Your backyard…
Today it's time to do some investigating in your own community.

get ready to google

Check into the following:

Your neighborhood and town have websites. Go check them out and see what activities are going on. These activities are likely addressing a need


Maybe there is a cool art installation going up in a part of town that needs some love. Now you know what parts of town that are in need and may be receptive to other improvement projects. Can you get in touch with the organizers and ask? Or volunteer your time?


Maybe trail work is being done due to erosion after the recent flooding that happened. What other areas were affected by the flooding? Is there something else that could be done to help?


Check out your city council website and look at their meeting agendas. What are they discussing?


For example, a quick search of the Cleveland City Council shows that they just approved $3M for youth programs. They are aimed at alleviating the effects toxic stress brought on by poverty, crime and violence and a sense of helplessness can have on kids. These are obviously issues they are seeing a lot of in the community. Is there something you have in mind that could address these problems too? Check out what they are doing to get some ideas. 


Find three ideas you see already in motion in your community that interest you. Write down all three. Pick your favorite one and pretend you have just been asked to put your own spin on it. Seriously, take the time to write it down because that is what is exercising these new muscles we are working out. 


For example: In Cleveland, a lot of the program money is going towards keeping young people out of the criminal justice system through job training which is great. But maybe you see how yoga and meditation programs could also be helpful. Or an arts and music program. Is that something you might want to pursue in conjunction with what they are already doing?

Let's get inspired!

These activists saw issues in their community that needed changing…



For his 10th birthday Jackson Turner decided that instead of gifts he wanted to feed those experiencing homelessness in his community. This became an annual ritual that has now turned into a non-profit called Never to Young to Care that serves people experiencing homelessness, underserved children, families and veterans in North Texas. Their big project each year is the Back to School Project. Jackson had noticed so many of his classmates were embarrassed to start the new school year without new school supplies and not being able to afford a fresh new look that always helps with confidence when starting a new year. He started talking to local barbershops that agreed to give free haircuts and held drives to donate school supplies and backpacks for all the students so that everyone started the year on the same level.


Quote of the day…
“What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.”





Hope this sparked some good thoughts!


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