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July 2021

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Dear First name / Friend,

I hope you are well and enjoying summer! I know this is one summer I'll never forget - it's the one where I added a beautiful dunskin Morgan filly named Maisy to my herd!


I missed her birth (she came 2 weeks early and was born in a field!) but I was able to meet her just a few hours later. From the very first photo my friend who bred her sent me, I was totally smitten! 😍


I've spent nearly every evening in the past 10 days just spending time with Maisy, camera in hand, bonding and documenting these early days with her. Last night, she laid her head in my lap and drifted off to the sleep. We were both dreaming. 😊❤️


I decided it wouldn't be reasonable to completely fill my business social feeds with baby Maisy 😆, so I made separate accounts. Here they are in case you want to follow our journey: 

Oh, and I can't forget to credit Miranda Burkert of Miranda Taylor Photography for the photo above. We just happened to have plans for coffee the week Maisy was born and she was gracious enough to take the most beautiful photos of our first days together


Quick Tip - When to Use a Wide-Angle Lens in Equine Photography

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We all know horses should be photographed at around 70mm or higher in order to keep their bodies in proper proportion. In most cases, the longer the focal length, the better they look! However, if you only ever use a long lens around horses, you may be missing creative opportunities!


When I am out taking photos, I generally have two camera bodies on me with a double strap. One has a 70-200 lens on it, the other a 24-70 or 35mm prime. This allows me to quickly swap between perspectives. 


So when do I use a wide angle lens?


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When I want to take in more of a scene. 

Image shot at 24mm.

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When I want the viewer to feel close to the action. 

Image shot at 18mm.

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When I want to create a sense of intimacy in a photo. 

Image shot at 50mm.

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When I want to layer an image with foreground, mid-ground and background elements to tell a story.

Image shot at 37mm.

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When I want to emphasize how funny horses are!

Image shot at 24mm.


Here are a few tips for using wide angle lenses with horses:

  1. If the horse is close to you in the scene, you can minimize distortion by setting them up parallel to your lens.
  2. Shooting from a lower angle or with the horse far away from the camera can also minimize distortion.
  3. Keep in mind distortion is okay if the photo is more documentary in nature. 
  4. Don't be afraid to get close to your subject with a wide-angle lens. Wide-angle isn't just for landscape-style images!

What I'm Reading and Listening To…


“One of the greatest mistakes you can make in life is assuming all your thoughts are true.”

John Acuff, Soundtracks




It's ironic that the very first audiobook I would listen to is largely about the things we tell ourselves that aren't true. I always believed I wouldn't get as much out of listening to a book as I do out of reading. I gave it a try anyway on a recent road trip and now I'm hooked! 


That first audiobook was “Soundtracks, the Surprising Solution to Overthinking” by Jon Acuff. As much I want to think I'm not an overthinker (maybe I've been overthinking that…🤔😂), this book made me realize that not only do I overthink, but that there are ways to overcome it and they aren't that difficult! 


I've also listened to “You Be You, Why Satisfaction and Success Are Closer Than You Think” by Jamie Ivey. It's a book about finding a living YOUR story and redefining success based on who you are and what you're gifted to do and not what the person next to you is doing. And while it comes from a Christian perspective, I think it would be a valuable read/listen for anyone wanting to live a life of purpose, contentment and faithfulness.



  • After reading Jon Acuff's book, I quickly found his podcast All It Takes is a Goal and started to devour all the episodes! 
  • One of his episodes led me to the Mary Marantz Show, which I'm also devouring!

New Podcast Interview

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I was recently a guest on Denise Alvarez' “How to Market Your Horse Business” podcast! What I loved about this interview is that it wasn't so much about photography as it was about running a sustainable business. We had a great chat – I hope you enjoy it! Listen here 


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