happy Fourth of July


Wishing you a spectacular 4th of July weekend!  


As you know, real estate is firmly based on relationships. Therefore, we greatly value the business and personal relationship that we have with you.  


That said, we wanted to let you know that right now, the market is heating up, and buyers are interested in your neighborhood.   


But because inventory is low and demand is high, some of the buyers we are working with are struggling to find the perfect home in your neighborhood.  


Do you know anyone who wants a crazy high offer on their house? Could you send them our way? We may have a buyer who's ready to pay top dollar for their home.  


Please feel free to send us their email and contact details, and we'll make sure they sell at the best terms and price.  


Again, we appreciate and thank you for supporting us and our business endeavors. We hope to hear from you soon!  


your D.C. Team