Ever wondered the difference between metals we like to use?


Well we'd like to share them all with you and their importance. 







AT OUR metals



We intentionally craft our jewelry using recycled metals and locally sourced materials. 


Each piece holds a stronger meaning to us and our community when it’s made of quality materials that age well and loved for 

many years to come.




Do you like to live in your jewelry?


If that's a yes, we recommend investing in solid yellow gold and sterling silver. Not only are they perfect for sensitive skin, but they will also never lose their vibrancy.


Fun Fact! Your natural oils will keep them shining.


Vermeil Vs. Gold Filled


Well they are very similar processed, but vermeil base metal is sterling silver. So our pick is Vermeil, since we like to know what metal is under the plating AND we can always reuse it in the future. 


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