JULY 2021 | ISSUE 5

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A specially curated resource for students and young professionals looking to expand their knowledge and network within the sports & entertainment industry. Maximizing today’s virtual learning environment, LaChica Lately is a premium digital platform for understanding best practices, knowing where to start, and establishing your community within the industry.

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Summer is finally here, but that doesn’t mean the hustle stops!  I know - all too well - just how difficult it is for young professionals making their way and starting out in the sports & entertainment industry. It’s certainly not always easy, but it is definitely worth it. I faced countless obstacles and rejections for years as I was coming up; but I was sure to never let anything diminish my goals and had an unwavering commitment to succeed.  I can confidently tell you it was worth every challenge along the way.


For these reasons and more, part of my guiding objective as a sports executive is to value and support the next generation of youth.  We created this newsletter as a resource, hoping to make the process easier for young professionals getting started, as well as to help those already along their journey to chart a course towards continued success.

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SIGA: Women On Wednesdays

by Sports Integrity Global Alliance on July 7th

“On the first Wednesday of every month, SIGA will showcase thought leadership initiatives spearheaded by female executives, senior industry leaders, sportswomen and influencers who will address, from a female perspective, the most critical integrity challenges facing contemporary Sports. WoW will include interviews, debates and a series of editorial initiatives aimed at bringing greater media and public attention to those women that have pierced and are piercing the gender glass ceiling and encourage others to fulfill their own potential.

Join us for the 1st episode of WoW where we shine a spotlight on inspirational senior women in international motorsport.”

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Sports & Entertainment Impact Certification 

by Sports & Entertainment Impact Collective - Applications due by August 18th

“Applications are now open for the Fall 2021 Sports & Entertainment Impact Certificate Cohort Launching October 7th - SEIC offers the gold standard in trusted professional development for leaders across the sport, entertainment, and philanthropy industries. Our student experience stands apart from any other program: co-led by credible industry pioneers, our team of nearly 20 faculty is unmatched in size as is the quality of our 17 course curriculum. SEIC is reimagining executive education for leaders in sports, entertainment and philanthropy. As an independent certificate program, SEIC operates with the freedom to deliver a personalized learning experience to each student, while working with Academic Advocates to ensure SEIC maintains a rigorous academic standard.”


"I am used to pouring so much into my work and not putting anything back into myself in terms of learning, this was so important for me to learn from all of the faculty. This was a big stage to develop and gain confidence. Now I feel like I have a voice on these topics. I am [also] very proud and thankful that (the program) has helped me to collaborate with an academic partner to measure the impact of our programs at Garden of Dreams."
~ Stacy Ann Easy, Garden of Dreams (Madison Square Garden) - Alumni

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Game of Her Own Podcast with Jahaan Blake 

by Jahaan Blake

"Hi, I'm Jahaan... 15 year Front Office employee turned Career Coach & Fan Experience Consultant. During my time working for the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Chicago Cubs, my favorite part of my role was helping others level up their career.

That’s exactly why we are here. I’m here to empower you with what I’ve learned in the Major Leagues. I help high achieving women in sports and entertainment who feel stuck, frustrated and defeated find their voice and tackle whatever is keeping them from getting exactly what they want out of their career.


Looking for quick wins to level up your career? Don’t worry, I got you girl. Sign up to join the Game of Her Own Community. I promise, I will only send you the good stuff. You know, emails with advice that helps you pull ahead of the pack. Us girls have to stick together!"

How They Got Here Series

PRSA Sports & Entertainment on July 14th

“The PRSA Foundation is an independent, 501 (c) (3) charitable organization that is committed to promoting diversity among public relations professionals and companies so that they can best serve the public good and address the needs of a diverse world.

The PRSA Foundation supports programs that attract, assist and prepare young adults to enter the public relations profession, and works with employers and industry organizations to create workplace-based inclusion efforts to welcome, support and retain a diverse workforce.


We're excited to announce our latest series, ”How They Got Here" featuring top entertainment and sports communications professionals! Join us on July 14th at 3PM EST to hear from University of Oregon Athletes, Communication, Jimmy Stanton" 

Register Here: https://prsa.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_xK6HmT2MTvCeL7okzNXLIw

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Dear Fellow Students Magazine

Dear Fellow Student on July 31st (Submission Deadline: July 21st/July 24th)


“Dear Fellow Students is dedicated to not only providing regular magazine issues to help our subscribers get through tough times, but also fostering a community that is both welcoming and understanding. We hope this can be a place for you when you feel comfortable enough, to open up to the world about your personal struggles because they are VALID!”


Please see information below for requirements of submissions

Send your submissions to:


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If you would like to have your event listed in the next newsletter,

please email Gabi Peoples: gabi@lcsegroup.com