I'm sat up on my bed in the new house and this newsletter is a little late. I still wanted to check in with you because you keep me going. Knowing you are reading helps keep me accountable to myself.


We finally moved house, we've managed to buy a place again. It's near enough the house of our dreams.


We've been pinching ourselves every morning, the whole family. Even the cat. We wake up here and we're like; Is this ours? Is this really true? Yeah, we're in a bit of a dream.


Looking back on the past months, maybe I had a mild depression. I'm convinced many of us did, or still do. The pandemic has caused and worsened a lot of mental health issues. I've come to the conclusion that if I didn't have my book to concentrate on, I would have struggled a lot more. I wouldn't have had an escape, something for my brain to focus on for the future. The book sort of carried me through.


So, I'm writing this to you from my bed looking out at the hills of Macclesfield and pinching myself. Completely exhausted. We moved over a week ago and my youngest was in the hospital a couple of days later with asthma issues. That was a bit of a trial by fire but we're still here. We're still going and we are so grateful that we've managed to come through it all and the book is a big part of that for me.


I want to thank you for reading my content over the years and your support of Earthly Bodies. If you haven't read it yet, please choose your ebook provider here. If you have read please leave a review. And THANKS!


I'm feeling very emotional at the moment. There's a lot to unpack- in so many ways.


I am planning on working on some new fiction. I've got some deadlines coming up for an anthology I'm part of, I'm excited to share more with you when I can.


It's all a bit chaotic but I'm trying to take it day by day. Part of me is impatient and wants everything done and I've got ideas like this and ideas like that. But slow and steady is the way to go.


I'm claiming a victory here.


We're coming out of this now and I hope many of your own situations have also improved recently. I hope that you can look back on this time as an uncovering, an honest reveal. A metamorphosis into someone you were always supposed to be, but who had been forgotten about in the busy.


This is a bit of a rambling melancholy letter this month, but I'm in that chrysalis mode at the moment.


I'll get back into the swing of things soon. I can't wait to share the house with you, although I'm not going to turn back into being an interior's blogger by any stretch of the imagination. But I can share my home and what I choose to do with it. Thank you for your support.





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Chris -BookFolk, France


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