Who  do you  fight  for ?

 Being a person in this world is hard, let’s be honest. Things happen in our lives that shape our hearts and weave the patterns of our future in ways we have little say over. The great mystery of why some of us have to endure the injustices and heartbreak we do is not something I could ever attempt to answer. But I do know that holding space for these things, particularly the ones that have happened to our friends and families, and understanding their roots - systemic racism, an unattainable beauty culture, patriarchy - seem to be the only way to truly see them and fight for appropriate change.  


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Roots can be revealing…
So many organizations and movements have been born out of people fighting for their people.


Who would you fight for? Pick someone in your life who has struggled lately. Is there a caregiver for a disabled family member you wish had more support? Is there someone who has been bullied and severely lacks confidence? Do you know someone who is so lonely? 


Do you have someone in mind? 


Now dig deep, what circumstances led to this struggle? What was the root? Think about the larger system, not just the individual circumstance. If they couldn't afford to do something - why? If there wasn’t enough knowledge - why? If there was so much stigma - why?


While it's good to have the mindset of a superhero, we are not superheroes and many of these issues are not something we are going to fix today or on our own (and sometimes aren’t even our place). But, pretend you have a magic wand and you could change that circumstance. Set a timer for 10 minutes and freely write about what that world would look like. 


When trying to find an issue you truly care about, helping the people you love can be a good place to start. However in order to understand the appropriate help needed, it's important to dig for the roots of the problem. When you get below the surface of individual circumstances it is easier to see how many others are also suffering in a similar way. Uncovering root systems can reveal what we are willing to fight for. 


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When activism is a family affair…



Technology for Good

Empowering kids with parents in prison


Meet Jay’Aina Patton (aka Jay Jay), a teenage tech genius from Buffalo, New York. She is the Junior Director at Photo Patch Foundation, where she created the mobile app Photo Patch that helps youth and their incarcerated parents communicate by sharing photos and letters. And this app is desperately needed. According to the Prison Policy Initiative, the average cost of one 15-minute phone call from jail is $5.74, but that amount can range as high as $24.82. This economic barrier is one that Jay Jay aims to tackle with her app.


The inspiration for creating the Photo Patch app came simply from Jay Jay wanting to help the needs of other children that were like her. She was just three years old when her dad went to prison for eight years. She knew how it felt to not be able to stay in contact with her dad through that long time. There was never a convenient way. Phone calls cost too much. Letters and photos could also be costly and even sometimes wouldn’t make it to him. Being part of a generation that was born into technology and knowing more people have a phone than a computer, she knew the convenience of an app would be great for kids. 


Once her father was out of prison, he taught her how to code. They had spent so much time apart, this became a way for them to bond. She would see him on his computer doing this crazy cool-looking stuff, and was very curious to learn more. Before they new it, an app was born! Jay Jay and her dad have since started an online school called the Unlock Academy that teaches coding to young people. 


Quote of the day…
"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."





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