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Summer Updates from the ASCP

Welcome! This one-time summer newsletter will provide you updates on:

  • Fall 2021 Student Employment Opportunities with the ASCP!
  • Draft Climate Action Plan
  • Compost Expansion Phase I Rollout Update
  • ASCP 1-min Orientation Video - please help us spread it!
  • Signing Up for Ozone Action Alerts
  • Sustainability-related legislation that passed at the State Capitol
  • Openings on the Community Advisory Board for Auraria Campus Police Department

…and much more!

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We're building back up toward full capacity for Fall 2021 and are hiring for the following student positions to support our work:

  • 2 Waste Diversion Associates (student employee, 10-15 hours/week)
  • 1 Marketing Associate (student employee, 15 hours/week)
  • 1 Graduate Assistant (student employee, 20-25 hours/week)

Hiring process will run through July, with a desired start date of 8/9/2021.


Climate Action Plan Draft Complete!

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Hot off the press, check out the latest draft of our Climate Action Plan! The plan includes 2030 benchmarks, high impact action items, a full matrix of proposed GHG reduction strategies and plan feedback we gathered from the Auraria community this spring. 


Compost Bin Deployment Update

Remember that compost expansion fee that students passed in 2020? Well, Phase I of the compost bin rollout is well underway! By mid July, we'll have 62 new 3-stream waste receptacles across campus (20 outdoor and 42 indoor). Learn more about the bin design, location and and rollout plan by clicking the blog post below! We also really need your help to get these deployed and help spread the word that waste sorting (and composting) is important. The blog tells you how you can volunteer on July 15th or 16th to help get the bins deployed (reach out to  



ASCP Orientation Video for New Students


Speaking of compost and waste diversion initiatives, we need everyone's help to create a zero waste campus, and it starts with education, collaboration and a sense of pride in achieving “cleaner” waste streams. Essentially, we need to get in front of every single student on campus. Since this is virtually impossible, we created a brief, one-minute video to introduce students to the ASCP and understand why it's important to sort their waste. It has been difficult to get this material into new student/hire orientations, so please, please, please, share this video far and wide with your campus networks! 

As a reminder, you can download all the waste sorting guidance you might need on our waste resources page


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DID YOU KNOW that Denver and the North Front Range have been out of compliance with 2008 federal air quality standards for years and have recently been classified as "severe non-attainment areas under the Clean Air Act? Reducing vehicle trips (particularly trips alone) help to reduce ozone and other forms of air pollution AND also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Visit or follow #simplestepsbetterair to register for ozone action day alerts and learn about behavior changes you can undertake to reduce your contribution to poor local air quality (and rebates for electric vehicles and mowers!). Skip a car trip, ride your bike/scooter or take transit!  

Another way to make a difference this summer: if you have AC, enroll in Xcel Energy's Saver's Switch program to help reduce peak energy demand and avoid a grid blackout on hot days. Xcel installs a machine on your AC unit that cycles your air conditioning off/down for 15 minutes on days when the electrical grid is experiencing peak demand. In return, you get a $40 credit on your utility bill every October!  


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For this summer's Sustainability Hero Spotlight, we'd like to highlight our state legislators for their work on all the sustainability-related legislation that was passed last session, as well as the environmental advocacy groups that helped push for change. While there were some hard fought losses in there, too, here's a list of laws that passed (several of which have already been signed by the Governor):


Management of Plastic Products (HB21-1162)

Sustainability of the Transportation System (SB21-260)

Energy Performance for Buildings (HB21-1286)

Electric Utility Promote Beneficial Electrification (SB21-246)

Adopt Programs to Reduce GHG Emissions at Utilities (SB21-264)

Public Utilities Commission Modernize Gas Utility Demand-side Management Standards (HB21-1238)

Low-Income Utility Payment Assistance Contributions (HB21-1105)

Global Warming Potential for Public Project Materials (HB21-1303)


Here's an article that outlines a few of the energy-related bills: 
Colorado legislators pass four bills to reduce building emissions, cut utility costs - Southwest Energy Efficiency Project


Denver's Bring Your Own Bag Program Starts July 1, 2021

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“To reduce the number of disposable carryout bags used, littered, and landfilled, Denver is introducing a fee on disposable bags and the Bring Your Own Bag program. The program encourages shoppers to switch to reusable bags and requires retail stores in Denver to charge 10 cents for each disposable bag (plastic, paper, or other material including but not limited to compostable material) provided to customers at checkout starting on July 1, 2021."


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The Auraria Campus Police Department Community Advisory Board (ACPDCAB) is seeking student representatives from MSU Denver and CU Denver. Interested parties can learn more about ACPDCAB here and click the link below to view the application. 

The webpage says applications are due July 1st, but we've confirmed that the CAB is extending the deadline)

The mission of ACPDCAB: “In an effort to increase dialogue and identify opportunities for further collaboration and enhanced partnerships around public safety, the Auraria Executives Council, in full collaboration with the Auraria Campus Police Department, established the Auraria Campus Police Department (ACPD) Community Advisory Board. The board is an active group of students, faculty, staff, and members of the surrounding Denver community who work collaboratively to proactively resolve issues that impact the safety and quality of life for all members of the Auraria Campus community.” 


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Jobs and Internships On and Off Campus

Don't forget to check out our ASCP jobs, listed above!


Inland Ocean Coalition

Events and Marketing Intern

Do you love the ocean and want to make a difference? The Inland Ocean Coalition (IOC) is looking for an Events & Marketing Intern to assist with the IOC’s Masquerade Mermaid Ball Annual Fundraiser in Boulder, Colorado.

The internship will be two-fold: assisting IOC staff in planning and coordinating the organization’s year-end fundraising event; assisting staff in managing and coordinating all efforts surrounding the online auction component of the event. The Events and Marketing Intern will be responsible for the online auction platform and will develop relationships with local businesses and individuals. The Intern will report directly to the Program and Outreach Manager of the organization and will work closely with other members of staff as needed.

Learn More




WE had an awesome group of volunteers come out and help weed the green roof on top of ccd's confluence building. The ascp will be alternating weeding/maintenance tasks with the ahec grounds team over the summer/fall. follow our newsletter to learn how you can get involved!

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