Hi First name / Cookie Lover, I got compared to The Ken and Morning Brew in the same sentence recently and I can't keep calm!


I mean, to be honest, it wasn't much of a comparison. One of our readers here listed down her favorite newsletters and to my shock and surprise and absolute delight, The Dohful's Sunday Letter was mentioned in the same line as The Ken and Morning Brew.


In newsletter terms, that's like being compared to Virat Kohli when I'm not sure I even deserve a Vinod Kambli. 

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Welcome to Dohful's Sunday Letter. As you can probably imagine, I'm all over the place today. This Sunday Letter was started as a means for me to talk about my experience with food, kitchen, baking, and most of all Dohful.


At the time of getting started, I didn't know if I was going to be good at it or not. Hell, I didn't even know if I would keep writing them Sunday after Sunday. 


But here we are…a little over a year later, and 25000+ subscribers later and I can say for sure that this journey is just getting started

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But if I'm gonna even think about becoming as good as the ones I look up to, I really really need your help.


If I ever strike a cord with you through these Sunday Letters, if you ever feel that what I have written or said or done is good or worth mentioning to other people, please please do share it with the world. 


Share the letter with people who you think would enjoy reading them, share ideas with me…of how we can make this even better for you…let me know what I'm doing wrong so that I can correct it.


This would mean the world to me! 

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And that's it guys, that's all I have to say to you today. If you have anything on your mind that you'd like to share, please do hit the reply button, I'm dying to hear from you!! 


Now, before I leave you with this thought, lemme present a few of our past Sunday Letters, in case you've missed them earlier or would like to read again or would like to share with anyone..


Not to forget our last Sunday Letter…the one about Strawberry & Chocolate Love Cookies. Thank you for all the kind words you shared with us guys, each and every email of yours was special to us. 

P.S. : If you're just here for the oh-so-amazing cookies…well, I can't complain, can I? 😊


P.P.S: Friendship's Day is coming…know anyone who would like to partner with us to send friendship bands to all our cookie friends?

till next time,