What  is missing ?

 Sometimes the answer we are looking for is actually right under our nose. We get very caught up in missing the forest for the trees. There are a million metaphors for this because it affects us all! 


Today I want you to concentrate on your community and what you  have stopped noticing. Once we take a step back and try to see it from a distance we often see what is missing or could use improvement. I really encourage you to write out your answers - it forces your mind to be much more thoughtful when you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).


Let’s go!






Understanding your community…

Taking the time to really see and name what you are surrounded by every day can unlock a lot!


What is community to you? We are all here because we care about improving our communities. But your community can mean your actual neighborhood/city you live in, or it could mean your social media community, or it could mean your figure skating community. The definitions are endless. 


So before you begin, settle on the community you are trying to help. 


Got it? Ok, now answering these questions….


  1. My community is __________ it's full of people who are _____________.
  2. If I had to describe a community like it I have seen on tv or in a movie it would be ____________.
  3. If I had to give it a color, it would be _______. (I know it's hard, just try it!)
  4. If I had to give it a sound it would be _____________.
  5. When things are good in my community I feel ______________.
  6. When I don’t feel aligned with my community it is usually because ___________ and it makes me feel________.
  7. My favorite memory of my community is when  _________________.
  8. My favorite person in my community is ___________ because they always make me feel ___________.
  9. I would feel so much more supported by my community if everyone was more honest about __________ and talked more about __________.


Now take your answer to question 9 and free write about that for 10 minutes. Don’t worry about it making a lot of sense, just write about how it would make you feel, deep in your bones, to have this honesty in your community. Concentrate on how it would FEEL more than what you would do. 


Ok, now you can think about ways you could DO that. Identifying a feeling we deeply want to feel can motivate us in ways addressing a practical need can’t. 


For example… Living in a religious community that was honest about how their beliefs actually support loving everyone no matter who they choose to love would feel so freeing. Feeling free is one of life’s ultimate treasures, so what could be done to help foster that understanding so that you or people you love could feel that beautiful freedom? 


Identifying how you want people to feel after you accomplish the goals of your project is also a good way to keep your ideas in check. If you always come back to “In success, this 5K, this video, this talk will make people feel ______" you are staying true to your mission.

Let's get inspired!

When what is missing becomes too much to ignore…



Anjali Dhaliwal grew up in British Columbia in a school district that didn’t provide a lot of resources for young people looking for opportunities like internships, leadership programs and community service projects. She knew the opportunities were out there so she decided to create her own resource for herself and other students like her. 


She started Youth Helping Youth which is an international nonprofit organization that bridges the accessibility gap available to youth in low-income communities through their website and social media platforms. They post about job opportunities, webinars, internships, grants, etc that are available to young people. They act as a bridge between organizations who want to advertise their own events and students wanting to embrace personal development. 


What started off as a small idea on social media turned into seven chapters across North America that provide local opportunities specific to their communities. To date, Anjali and Youth Helping Youth has been able to help over 50,000 youth!


Quote of the day…
"It never occurred to me that I couldn’t live the life I wanted to lead. It never occurred to me that I could be stopped...


I had this very simple view: that the reason people who start out with ideals or aspirations don’t do what they dream of doing when they’re young is because they quit.


I thought, well, I won’t quit.”





How is your gratitude attitude today? 


Stop and remind yourself of three things you are grateful for real quick!


Ok, that's it for today. If you haven't yet, click below to join us on Slack! I can't wait to start getting to know you!

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                   Until next time…