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July 2021 vol. 2



Can't Fence Me In

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Let's not forget about the turkeys!  Back in April we received 20 Midget White turkey poults. Unfortunately we lost a few in the early stages, but the 14 we have left are doing very well.  We have 5 toms and 9 hens.  Unlike the conventional commercial turkey, the Midget White will reproduce naturally (the standard broad-breasted turkey requires artificial insemination).  Our goal is to continually raise this nearly forgotten bird to provide our customers with year-round turkey meat.  


The Midget White is, as the name implies, a very small turkey.  At 3 months, they're about the same size as a chicken.  Fully grown they'll get just over 10lbs.  They were developed back in the 60's to support the growing homestead movement of the time.  The goal was to develop a broad-breasted turkey that was smaller - enough for a typical family meal.  I guess the idea didn't catch on because today the Midget White is listed as ‘Critical’ by the American Livestock Breeds Conservatory.  It's a shame because these little guys are a joy to have around.  Turkeys are much more interactive than chickens and are great foragers - grasshoppers beware!

We will continue to raise our annual Holiday Turkeys for your Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts.  Our Broad-Breasted White Turkey poults are due to arrive in just a few weeks.  We will start taking pre-orders soon.  Remember, our holiday turkeys are organic fed & free range - just like our chickens.  We'll deliver them to you on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving - fresh, never frozen.  


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This Week's Markets

Tuesday's 3 - 7 pm 


Pflugerville First United Methodist Church (500 E. Pecan Street)


Pfarmers Market returns for regular season with a new location


The Pflugerville Pfarmers Market is returning with pfresh produce, meat and homemade goods, starting May 11 on every Tuesday from 3-7 p.m. through October 26. Due to construction on Old Austin Hutto Road, the market will be located at Pflugerville First United Methodist Church (500 E. Pecan Street) throughout the regular market. Just enter through the main entrance, and we will be set up in the back parking lot. 


The Elgin Farmers Market is a year-round market that will remain open every Thursday. Pre-orders are encouraged. 

The Taylor Farmers Market is a year-round market that will is open every Saturday. Pre-orders are encouraged. Live music most Saturday's from 11 -1. 



  • Black Diamond Authority is offering classes every Saturday ranging from painting to ceramics to comic book illustration and shoe art.
  • Live Music every week from 11 am - 1 pm



Be well, 

stay safe,


John & Molly