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Being a founder can be all-consuming. I am a person who throws my full passion and heart into what I do, which is a common trait among underrepresented entrepreneurs. While it's helped me get far, I've also burned out multiple times in my career, including some bouts with stress-induced illnesses. 


Founders - know that your startup is not your entire life. If you feel like it is, please step back and take a broader perspective of who you are, where you've been, and where you're going. Keeping life perspective is part of keeping your sanity intact, which is definitely critical for running a successful company!


I always try to walk the walk, so we took a vacation last week. A real one. Even though there were thunderstorms every day and we had to leave early because of Hurricane Elsa, it was wonderful. We were in-the-moment present with each other as a family. Sometimes you need to see the vastness of the ocean and the magic of your child holding a sparkler to appreciate the bigger picture. Your startup and your team will be better for it too.

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This month’s featured founder is Mariam Nusrat, Founder & CEO of GRID - Gaming Revolution for Inspiring/International Development. Mariam is an education specialist at World Bank, Forbes Next1000 entrepreneur, Tedx Speaker, and has been in the video games industry for over seven years. She noticed a huge opportunity to apply the no-code movement to video game creation. Their product, Breshna, empowers anyone, even with no coding or design experience, to create their own educational, marketing or training video games at lightening speed.

Their official product launch is today and they're doing it with a game jam! This is a free 72 hour design sprint where people around the world will make their own games on Breshna and compete for cash and other prizes. How fun is that?!


“Six months ago I made the decision to build Breshna in public on Twitter. This may have been the single most pivotal decision I could make as a founder. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey and ‘stealth mode’ isolates founders unnecessarily! Building in public, for me, has created a collaborative experience that is invaluable for early-stage founders. When I decided to build in public, I had to embrace and share the imperfections of my idea, process, and product. While immensely scary, this gave me the ability to get real-time feedback from my community - a game changer!"


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