Planning to start faking a “professional” brand voice to attract high-paying clients?



Hey hey, First name / photographer!


Me: “So, now that you're increasing your prices and moving into a luxury market, what changes are you looking to make in your brand voice?”


You: “I want something more professional.”


Me: “Um…okay, but what do you mean by that?”


You: “Professional.”


Me: “But ‘professional’ isn't really…”


You: “Pro. Fes. Sion. Al.”


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Let's go ahead and clear this up right now, crew: professionalism isn’t found in a certain tone of voice or in a particular set of words. It's not about using big words, or acting fancy. It’s not about sounding aloof, stiff, and robotic, and it’s definitely not about mimicking someone else.

To be honest, the same people who think “professional” equates to a particular voice probably also think tattoos in the workplace are inappropriate and offensive. Mhm…I said it. 


Instead, true professionalism is found in your skill as a photographer and business owner. It’s about attentiveness, timeliness, and an ability to consistently deliver a stellar experience. It’s about answering those emails on time and answering questions before they are asked. It’s about listening carefully to a client’s needs and going above and beyond to deliver on their wishes. It’s about SO much more than whether or not you use the word “elegant” or avoid slang.


“I used to believe I had to act and talk a certain way to reach my dream client, but Erica showed me that it is not true! I feel heard. I feel empowered. I feel professional. Most of all, I feel like myself!"

—Perry Ann Copeland


So, in case you're nervous your natural voice has to change to attract the kinds of clients you want to work with, let me stop you right there. If no one has told you this yet, let me be the one to share the good news: your brand voice is where you get to have fun!


Feel free to speak as you would to your client when you meet them in person. Surprise them with a warm, relatable tone beside a sophisticated image. Show them that they can have beautiful photos and a good time! Remember, people who like elegant photos like to laugh, too. So, don’t be afraid to be yourself just because you want to seem professional. 


Blend your unique, genuine personality with unbeatable service to deliver an experience your ideal client will treasure forever.


As a brand voice specialist, I can help you find that perfect true-to-you tone that will connect to your ideal client while delivering the results you've been looking for. So, if you're ready to finally stand out, showcase your uniqueness, and drop the fakeness you've been rocking, let's chat. We can do all that and more in just two days, and I"d love to give you a hand!



I look forward to meeting you, diving into your ideal client, unearthing your brand voice, and giving you a voice that is so much more than “professional." Ready to have the written content of your dreams? Let's get started!

xo, Erica