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This week for me has still felt like being caught in limbo.  “Bad Summer” is upon us, progress hasn't been as quick as I've expected for some projects, and FL continues to make pandemic life, let's say, a challenge?  Typical mid-summer feelings with a soupçon of existential dread thrown in for good measure. Feels like it's never gonna end….


So I've spent this week getting started with new writing projects and getting back into the daily flow of a more sustainable work schedule.   Which is weird after the last 15 months of feeling constantly overwhelmed on many levels of our lives.


And even though life has been ever so slightly easier to deal with for me lately, I still can't seem to let myself just relax (without guilt), and totally shut it all off when I stop working for the day.  


But who does not resting serve?  Certainly not me or my fam - so I've simply got to get better at taking a break.  Like anything it just takes practice!   


And some small moments of  joy:

Mid-Century House Hunt is a daily source of time-capsule joy (if you buy one PLEASE CALL ME!)

THERMACELL (the hype is real, even in FL)

Wonderful things will find their way to you

A ric rack rainbow

10 ways to make your home look expensive (even if you rent)

A quick little moment to just breathe

This goes straight onto the travel bucket list

The most incredible modern Hanbok designs

A guide to camping for foodies

Silverware animals (the bird)!

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.

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