Hey there, its me…the Dohful Cookie Box writing to you today…

Welcome to Dohful's Sunday Letter guys, today we're going to talk about 



Before we start, I hope you know who I am! I mean, I know that I have been to so many of your places and have seen your bright smiley faces as you see me…have sat there politely as you guys enjoy your cookies along with a cup of coffee. 


But there is so much confusion with this other guy being there, that I thought it's best to clarify right at the beginning. 


And well, just so you REALLY know who I am, let me go ahead and put up another photo right here.

Image item

That's right…I agree with this good Sir…I am the best cookie box there can be! 😇


For those of you who don't know how I actually came into being…it's actually a very interesting story. 


This was somewhere during the first lockdown…in April 2020, Arushi & Chaman decided they were going to say goodbye to their old, brown, boring cookie box and were going to find something new, interesting and fun to send the Dohful Cookies in.


And they also found someone to help them in doing this. But just 1 night before they had to send the design to the manufacturer, this person bailed on them. 


Come to think of it, I almost didn't happen that night.

Image item

Strike that, come to think of it, I almost didn't happen this cute!

That would have been the worst!! 


Anyways, coming back to the story…somehow they both decided to go ahead with the plan anyhow and decided to design me themselves. 


If you ask me, I had my doubts…after-all they had so many versions, but trust me none so beautiful as I am!


Did you know that I have been called (and I quote)…"Best Love Letter Ever" ('coz…I was made just for you, duh!!)

Image item

But before finalising, they sent 3 different designs of the box to all their friends to take feedback. If they would have asked me, I would have told them the right answer there and then, but its alright, they chose to follow their own path! 


A lot of their friends chose me…but a few went with the other designs (just so you know…we don't speak to those people anymore, so mum's the word.)


But after a whole night and the next day (they obviously missed the deadline) of pondering and feedbacking and pro-con-listing, I was finally chosen!


And the world became a happier place after that 😎


Image item


But the reason I'm here today, pretending to be a box and talking to you is…because if you have not sent this sweetest, shortest, most amazing love story to your loved ones, they are definitely missing out on knowing how special they are for you!


Thanks for reading my super awful imitation of how I would sound (no, write) if I indeed was a cookie box! I hope you enjoyed reading this Sunday Letter, and I will see you next week, same time, same place. 

till then, enjoy the cookies!