Holistic Functional Medicine

…with Kimberly

A New Way of Health for Midlife Women

I will be opening my Holistic and Function Medicine Health Care Services for Midlife Women next month!  I am so excited about this and looking forward to practicing medicine in a way that aligns with my true spirit.  I believe this approach will be life changing for many women. Let me tell you a little more…

Why Holistic?


We are all made up of these 3 components and each needs to be addressed in order to achieve complete health and wellness. This is what it means to be Holistic.  I address each of these components that make up your beautiful whole being at every visit with you.

What is Functional Medicine

Get Answers!

Functional Medicine is a way of providing medical care.  It is science based and is designed to uncover and address the root cause of symptoms or illness.  In this model of care, you will get the answers you have been looking for!

Root Cause Testing

In addition to reviewing your medical history, symptoms, physical body, mind, and spirit, functional medicine utilizes highly specialized testing to uncover dysfunction in the body that may be causing problems.  Testing is often directed at the immune system, hormones, GI tract, inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, and toxins.  Tests look at…

Immune Health


Much of our immune function is located in the gut.  The health of the gut, the microbiome, and the health of the lining of the intestines is often a focus in functional medicine.  Poor health in these areas can result in inflammation, allergies/sensitivities, autoimmune disease, mental health problems, as well as our ability to fight disease.

Food Sensitivities


Food sensitivities can result in damage to the intestinal lining and eventually result in a leaky gut syndrome which can then cause additional sensitivities and autoimmune disease.  Food sensitivity testing is invaluable in addressing this concern and healing the body.  This is often done through dried blood testing.



Functional medicine tests commonly look for imbalances and dysfunction in the body that could be causing inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of most of the chronic diseases that we face… heart disease, diabetes, obesity, mental illness, autoimmune disease, cancer…

Health of the Gut


Stool testing and breath testing are ways to measure the health of the gut and to detect possible bacterial overgrowth or yeast overgrowth, both of which can result in chronic persistent and bothersome symptoms and eventually chronic disease.  



Most of us have some degree of toxic load in our bodies.  Our bodies are designed to flow and detox in many ways, but often get overwhelmed by the number of toxic substances that we absorb, inhale, ingest….  Testing can be so helpful in identifying stored toxins that could be the cause of illness.  

Hormone Balance


Functional medicine uses very detailed hormone testing with a whole body approach.  This can help to identify causes of fatigue, mood problems, insomnia, libido, reproductive cycle problems, thyroid dysfunction, and stress related illness.  This is often done with a dried urine test.

Putting it All Together

Your Unique Picture

Following a thorough consultation and functional medicine testing, I will design a unique health and wellness plan for you and help you to put your plan into place for amazing results!  Lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, mind-body techniques, detox, empowerment… You can expect to rise to a level of health that will make you SHINE!


I hope you have enjoyed reading about this holistic and functional medicine approach that I will be offering to women beginning in August.  I am going to be accepting a limited number of patients.  My new website will offer more informative and details about my offerings and services.  I will announce the launch of the website very soon.  My email subscribers will be the first to know about the published website as well as my services, so please pass this along to other women you know who might be interested in subscribing to my list, and STAY TUNED!  We are getting close!

With love—

Kimberly Valencia, ARNP