Issue 11 | July 21st, 2021                                                                                      

Reify 8&21

Welcome to your 3-minute pause. 

Let's focus on your practice of pursuing awesome.


Checking alignment


If I'm hiking through the woods and I want to make sure I'm going the right way, I might check my compass. 


Then, after walking for a while, I might check it again, to see if I'm still heading in the right direction. 


Aligning ourselves to where we are, and where we want to be going, isn't something we do once


Always aligning 


"I'm consistently working on aligning my actions with my core values of justice, authenticity, and interdependence. 


Some days I feel abundant and brave, and others I'm disappointed with myself. Life."


A practice of alignment


"At a high level, our research showed that achieving better balance between professional and personal priorities boils down to a combination of 

reflexivity—or questioning assumptions to increase 

self-awareness—and intentional role redefinition. 


Importantly, our research suggests that 

this is not a one-time fix, but rather, 

a cycle that we must engage in continuously 

as our circumstances and priorities evolve."

- “Work-Life Balance Is a Cycle, Not an Achievement”

in the Harvard Business Review, January 2021, by 

Ioana Lupu (@lupu_io), Assoc. Professor, ESSEC Business School France, and Mayra Ruiz Castro (@MayraRuizCastr1), S. Lecturer, Uni of Roehampton UK


Alignment isn't a place. It's a practice.


When stars align

"For when the stars align

you just might catch a glimpse of things otherwise invisible: 

binary stars in wide orbits, isolated black hole hermits…


or the abandoned (or unruly) free-floating planet 

far from the star around which it was born. 


These invisible wanderers are quite literally brought to light through a unique sequence of events that occurs 

when two celestial bodies align."


Pausing to align


If alignment is both important and continuous, then pausing to align your goals and actions with your values could be an important part of our routine. 


What might come to light?


Let the waters settle 

and you will see the moon and the stars 

mirrored in your own being.” - Rumi



What's aligned for you today?



Great job!

Way to take a pause and give 3 minutes to your practice of pursuing awesome with this issue's theme. You rock!


Reify 8&21 is a digital publication 

intentionally sent on the 8th and 21st
to disrupt your status-quo 

with an encouraging reset.


Photo Credits: 


First Compass Photo by Ali Kazal on Unsplash

Second Compass Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

Telescope Photo by Simon Delalande on Unsplash

Stars in the Woods Photo by Micah Tindell on Unsplash